It's Black Friday and soon Cyber Monday apparently. Scroll straight down if you want to get straight to the offer :)  The days when the world goes crazy with selling and buying. 

I used to judge it - it's sleazie, salesy, encouraging people to buy things they don't need. Mass consumerism etc.   Then I stopped. Maybe people are actually getting amazing value with 'things' that they really need? People are smart. They can make considered buying decisions. 

I've come to gradually realise that my judgements are usually my issues. The reason I was judging so fiercely is that at that time, the idea of sales - putting my products (services to be precise) out to the world felt sleazie, salesy and yep you've got it, was maybe encouraging people to buy things they didn't need!   

What? I got real! If these were my beliefs how was I ever going to serve the world with what I genuinely believe is a life transforming service and my gift? 

I tuned in.  What I 'sell' or 'do' isn't about me.  It's about the life changing transformations that people enjoy from us working together. It's an absolute privilege to be a facilitator of change for change makers. I passionately believe that we're in an era where women can massively change the state of world. Whether that's by raising amazing kids or literally changing education, world poverty or political decisions. 

Yet I also know we won't change the world stuck in fear, overwhelm or burnout.  We need to be fierce and highly tuned into our powerful intuition.  We need to be on great form both physically and emotionally with tools for challenges in our back pocket.  Be able to respond not react and able to be fully present in the NOW.  All of that, I know I can help facilitate. 

So today I encourage you to check in with yourself. What are you judging? What are you 'believing' that's somehow keeping you in your comfort zone? Getting through to the likely fear behind these judgements and beliefs is invariably where you'll find your freedom.  As well as the courage and desire to be both bold and brave and show up in the world as the best version of you. 

With that I indeed have a shameless Black Friday offer!  Actually it was and still is, my November Mastermind introductory offer, which was due to be released today.  The universe is funny with it's timings to get us out of our own way don't you think? 

Until the end of November, women enrolling in The Energy Transformation Kickstart (priced at 295€) will receive 3 months exclusive access into my NEW ONLINE LIFE UNLIMITED MASTERMIND STARTING JAN 2018.

There are 3 conditions to joining the Mastermind: 

  1. You're female and high vibe (albeit with challenges, we all have those!)
  2. You're fully coachable. You're totally ready to grow and uplevel.  You want YOUR Energy - body, mind and soul to be in great form so you can enjoy your desired level of  health, wealth and inner peace in 2018.
  3. You're a private client in one of private programmes such as the Energy Transformation Kickstart

Interesting in joining our new Life Unlimited Mastermind?  You can check out the details HERE.  Questions? No problem, simply book a call to discuss if this is the right move before you make your decision.  I'd be delighted to speak with you.

You could have your 2018 success support strategy nicely in place before all the Christmas craziness begins. Now that's another season I definately have judgements on...

Wishing you oodles of energy for your day!