YOGALATES - REGISTRATION OPEN - only 3 places left

a Unique blend of yoga, pilates and other wellbeing wisdom to keep busy women bodywise. 

MESSERY, France, September 2019

9.00 - 10.00am Tuesdays / Mardi

Salle des Fetes / Messery Beach as weather permits

An integrative class combining on a blend of the methods scientifically proven to keep busy women fit, healthy, injury free and happy.  

Methods incorporated: Modified Pilates Matwork, Yoga, High Intensity Training (HIT), Mindfulness / Meditation, Stretching and Functional Exercise

Other areas such as maintaining healthy hormones, mindset and nutrition essentials are touched upon as required. As is the power of using nature to nourish us - hence why we head outside for part or all of the class whenever Mother Nature allows!

 Dates: September 3rd to early December 2019

10 week stage during school term time only

  • Price 159 Euros

  • Places limited.

  • Ce stage est bilangue, anglais / francais

  • Adapted to all levels - pre entry assessment required*

  • Great for: weight loss and toning, flexibility, post natal health, hormone balancing, injury re-education and prevention, longevity and developing inner peace.

  • Preferential rates for private coaching for all attendees

  • Includes free access to online support group and membership site


Sally Dibden is a highly experienced Physical Therapist with over 25 years experience in the field of health and sport. Alongside she practices as a Pilates Instructor, Holistic Life, Health and Success Coach and Yogini. More about her mission to help keep women in great form body and mind here.  For testimonials head here.

“ Women's bodies and minds are amazing! Though often completely overloaded by the stress and demands of fast living which has a massive affect on our hormones. Our bodies and minds need to be in optimal form to conceive, nurture, parent, perform, transition through peri and menopause and age well, though how to best do this can differ significantly to what mainstream exercise and diet industry teaches. Sadly often resulting in preventable or slow to heal injuries, hormone imbalances or dis-ease.

By combining the leading scientific evidence in the field of pilates, meditation, functional exercise and interval training (HIT) and mindset coaching, along with the ancient eastern practice of yoga we get the balance right”.

The topics of maintaining healthy hormones, mindset and nutrition essentials are touched upon as required. As is the power of using nature to reconnect and nourish us - hence why we head outside for part or all of the class whenever Mother Nature allows!

Class aims:

To optimise the areas of: weight loss and toning, flexibility, sports performance, injury re-education and prevention, pre-natal and post natal body care, perimenopause transition, dis-ease prevention and healthy longevity.

Alongside aiming to deepen the connection between body and mind and develop our intuition. Resulting in greater confidence, sense of purpose and inner peace.



N'hestitez pas de me contacter pour expliquer en français! 

*A free trial class is available subject to availability and health, to be arranged by telephone or e-mail.

A one off private assessment and session is then required before joining the full stage at a reduced price of 65 euros

If you would like to join this class or know more, don’t hesitate to contact Sally here:

SMS or telephone on: 00 33 (0) 6 70 94 84 67 (between 8.30am-19.00pm)




Transformational Coaching and Yoga Retreat, Chamonix, January 2020

Burst into 2020 with the confidence, clarity and health you desire!

Create the space to heal, grow and Thrive.

Not just a yoga retreat, this is a transformational coaching experience designed to confront and burst through any areas or upper limits that that may be holding you back, albeit subconsciously, head on.

Once we clear the way, you’ll beable to get on and welcome in all you desire for the New Year with greater clarity, confidence, and conviction that it’s totally possible. You’ll leave equipped with the vision, knowledge and plan to uplevel - whether it’s your year for health, career or business, or improving your relationships. In my experience, our physical and mental health is the foundation to optimise our performance and happiness across ALL areas of our life.

Me retreat.jpeg

Only 12 places available.

Wait list open! E-mail: sally@thewellbeingconsultants for details


An intimate blend of private and group coaching for smart busy women. Women who are committed to showing up as their best selves physically, emotionally and spiritually in 2019!

The Mastermind is a great addition for women motivated to make shifts in their health or life. Women who want to feel confident and deeply connected to their intuition so they can fulfil their true potential as women, parents or leaders. But also so they feel a strong sense of inner fulfilment, balance and peace and lead those around them from that grounded place.


Whether your new year goal is to feel more energised, lose weight, feel calmer or to rediscover your confidence and passions, the mastermind could help you accomplish these and many other goals quickly, without even stepping into the gym (though you totally still can if that’s your thing!) It’s a 90 day process and we kick off with our new intake for our LIVE online class in January. Find all the details about the full Mastermind are HERE.

Do note, Yogalates participants benefit from an exclusive rate for the mastermind, along with a membership option, available only to my private clients. Details available upon request via e-mail.


Do you have a team of employees, parents or friends who would benefit from a bespoke workshop?

Are you keen to have a seminar or workshop in your office or school to reduce stress and increase performance?

Seminars and workshops can be created for various topics related to Health, Happiness and Performance. Topics such as: mindfulness/meditation, energy, weight or stress management, nutrition, pilates/yoga/exercise,  ideal lifestyle creation, mindset and success strategy,  or a combination of the above in my signature talk to Thrive 365. 

For corporate, school or team training enquiries do contact us for a more comprehensive prospectus. You can find out more HERE.


For sports injuries, spinal, musculoskeletal, rehabilitation and post-natal physiotherapy do contact me directly.  

Do think to plan ahead for rehabilitation needs as we often have a waiting list for this service. 

For more details about any of these services don't hesitate to

 contact us here.