Here's what some of my fabulous clients have to say about our work together...


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The unique thing about Sally’s work is she emphasizes achieving goals from being in a place where you enjoy them. This requires much deeper work ensuring that physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually things are balanced.

Sally truly cares about the people she works with and will go above and beyond, her skin is in the game. She has a gift of knowing when to pull back and can quickly and efficiently organize a quagmire of thoughts into a simple action plan. She also knows when to slow down, stop and realize that compassion and empathy are the keys to being able to move forward. This ability to dance between the micro and macro that makes working with Sally magical.

With the bonus of a the group alongside my private coaching, not only was I able to benefit from Sally’s laser focus, I was also able to see other women’s stories evolving and how a wonderful group looked at their lives from different perspectives to achieve their goals.

Philipa, Engineer and photographer, Toronto

Sally is my my secret success weapon! Running a business is a real challenge, and it was at the point where I felt that it was consuming all of me that I reached out to her. I quickly realised that investing my time and money with Sally was helping me shift my energy and these changes meant that I was starting to balance my time between work and home. I've learned what wellbeing truly is and that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm meditating all day. It's just taking care of myself, so I can pursue my dreams.

Grant Pierrus, founder of the award winning Interior Style Hunter, London

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Sally has an unbelievable knack of getting to the heart of what’s really going on with me. Every time I have a session I come away from it lighter, happier and clearer. She’s such an excellent coach who gently explores what’s really going on and what steps I need to take to start feeling more balanced again. Sally has helped me to integrate more life into my lifestyle business and I am so grateful to have her as part of my support team on this journey. When my energy has let me down Sally is always around with a strategy to get me firing on all cylinders again.

Jo Bendle, Productivity Coach and Mentor, Spain

Sally had a transformative influence on my life, encouraging true introspection and inner work to manifest the life that I dream of, and to be at ease with the strength within, not distracted by the noise, that can be so deafening.

Sally is Gods voice guiding you: mind, body, spirit to the fullness of self and of life and of love. I have been greatly blessed to share and be guided. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Chidiogo Akunyili, founder of She Roars, Toronto

I went through the Energy Transformation Coaching with Sally after feeling really tired for a few months. I was having a few health problems but I also felt generally felt quite 'stuck' and uninspired, which is very out of character for me. Sally has this brilliant ability to make you feel instantly relaxed and safe, and she seemed to intuitively move the session where it needed to go, without much information from me. The session itself was a really enjoyable and calming experience.

There was almost an immediate physical reaction from my body after the intensive session, followed by a week or so where I felt, what I can only describe as, 'rebalancing.' However, I really wasn't expecting what came energy returned very suddenly, in fact with such gusto that in 3 days I created a whole new business and launched it online - a business that is so fabulously feminine and about which I am more excited than I could ever have imagined! The transformation has been absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this process and Sally to anyone!

Natalie McKenzie-Brown, Photographer, Business Coach, Mum. UK

I am just finishing my Mastermind Coaching course with Sally and I can truly assert that it has been transformative. I think Sally's genius is in her unique ability to impart concrete information paired with her uncanny ability to get to the root of a problem in minutes. She offers both concrete suggestions and the opportunity to delve deeper into root causes. She also combines professionalism with a gentle empathetic touch. Sally really cares about the personal growth of her coachees, and this goes a long way to embed her wise teachings. What I gained was a more diligent attitude to quarterly and daily goal setting, time management at work and at home, and an affirmation of the power of body work to connect with the subconscious. Above all I felt a great sense of purpose and a bounce in my step.... As a bonus, it has been lovely to be connected with a group of other searching and driven fellow Masterminders.

Dr Tanya Murphy, Founder of, Switzerland

Working with Sally has really helped me get back in tune with my health and my body. Over the past few weeks I have stopped making excuses and started incorporating more activity into my day and it hasn't stopped me being productive with my work or life, in fact the opposite. I have also made tweaks to my nutrition and am becoming much better at identifying when i might be doing too much and burning out.

As a self confessed go-getter who wants it all now - working with Sally has helped me reassess my priorities and become more mindful. She coaches with a mix of sensitivity and grace yet pushes beyond the surface to get to the real issues! Something that I needed to do to move forward to achieve! I highly recommend Sally for coaching.

Minnie von Mallinckrodt-Grant, TED talk curator, UK

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Before I started the course/coaching with Sally I was bobbing around in a rough sea, surviving and reacting to what life threw at me, without direction or energy to steer myself. Now, thanks to Sally I not only have the rudder and sail in the form of the tools she has given me, but as my trajectory has become clear and simple, the peaks and troughs of life’s events have evened out and it’s plain(er) sailing ahead.

The course and coaching enabled me to spot and release a lot of negative patterns in my life, and this was so important as I was fortunate to be doing the mastermind at a time when I was faced with a sudden bereavement. I felt the love and the support offered by the group, and taking to heart Sally’s advice on self-care, was able to pull myself through this very difficult time and support my family.

Thanks to Sally’s coaching my future goals are clear and achievable, and my life feels so much simpler, and more fun!

Rachael Harris; amazing teacher, conference plenary speaker, mum and daughter, friend, survivor, warrior, adventurer, past -and future marathon finisher.

Working with Sally was one of the most enriching experiences I've had this year. Sally has so much knowledge and is highly intuitive with her work. She picked up on things I had neglected for so long emotionally and gave great suggestions to help improve my diet and mindset which has left me feeling healthier and with more energy than ever before. I would thoroughly recommend working with Sally to anyone looking to improve their energy, gain clarity in their lives and optimise their full potential. Thank you, you're amazing at your work!

Kirsty Carden, Life and Success Coach and Mum, UK

Eighteen months ago I took a tumble and ended up flat on my back, trussed up in a painfully rigid brace for the best part of eight months.  So much energy was focused on the actual injury - a severe compression fracture of a vertebra in my dorsal spine - and its willed-for consolidation that, when I came to actually start moving again, it came as a shock to see just how far I still had to go.  The brace came off and the neurosurgeon handed me over to Sally for physiotherapy.  Thank goodness for Sally's holistic approach, compassionate manner and natural intuitiveness.  Her daily visits covered far far more than simply how to jump-start defunct muscles into action again after 6 months enforced idleness.  Being the over-energetic type, I was desperate to leap up and pick up where I had left off - a busy, working mother-of-three constantly in a rush and forever short of time.  Yet with extraordinary subtlety, tact and grace, Sally eased me back to good health.  Wonderfully informal, friendly sessions addressed everything from nutrition, breathing and exercise to inner well-being, mindfulness, stress control, relaxation and the enormous benefit of making time for oneself.  I play tennis.  I run.  I kayak.  I do everything I used to do and more.  Of course I regret rushing around that day and making that fateful leap down the short staircase at my daughter's school.  But I can truthfully say that thanks to Sally's unsurpassable knowledge, skill and intuition, I am in a healthier and happier position that I was pre-injury.

Nicola Williams, Travel Writer & Mum of 3,  Geneva

My life coaching sessions have been extremely helpful.  When I first started seeing Sally I was constantly overwhelmed and exhausted.  We spent time constructing a schedule to include some time for me.  Once I realised that I deserved a break too, I felt more rested which in turn allowed me to be more constructive with my time instead of the constant fire fighting. 

I was also keen to look at my longer term plan for dieting.  Sally set me a very simple plan which changed my mindset about food.  I now feel like I can eat healthily without feeling I am on a diet, which makes me feel more positive and more aware of when I can treat myself without the guilt. 

Through my sessions Sally has inspired me to do more things for 'me'... I had all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, but what Sally has done is to help me put all the pieces together.   Thank you Sally!

Kamelia Mirfa, Ambassador to, Mum of 3


This is really to say a MASSIVE thank you for helping me get my body back on track in time for the Passportes du Soleil this weekend.

I spent the first hour being super scared of falling and was braking all the time and it was my arm muscles that were screaming out. Then I began to relax into the ride and REALLY enjoyed it. My husband was great in keeping me aware of my sacrum … reminding me not to push it too much etc. and I actually only put the pressure on when climbing (and being downhill event, there really wasn’t so much going uphill!)

Despite being over 6 and a half hours in the saddle, I am thrilled to say I had no back pains the next day (legs yes, but remarkably no sacrum/coccyx issues whatsoever).

In addition, I am feeling really great about my body and getting into my bikini next week when we are finally all on holiday.  I’m putting this down to the 10 minutes pilates every evening, which as a result I’m going to keep going with.  Nevertheless I look forward to hearing more about your webinar ... Many thanks!

Dani Boiston, The World Economic Forum, Mum of 2,  Geneva

Sally has been amazing for me. She has helped me to recover, she's helped me over injuries and with nutrition. She has been very, very helpful with any discipline I've actually come across. I remember at the beginning of last year I was kind of lost with nutrition, because I knew that I would have to change, so she gave me loads of advice. She even gave me the name of a book which helped me alot. Also, she has helped me with recovery through stretching. She has given me techniques that I can use over periods of time. Stretching of course, is one of the most important things in cycling.

The most important part about sports is not actually the training that we do, it's more about the recovery; without that we can't be on form for the next training session, so recovery is an extremely important aspect of my training. She's given me special techniques through stretching, massage, core work and core exercises which have always helped and I'm very thankful for it.

Tom England, national level cyclist, France & GB

I was delighted with Sally's coaching.  Thanks to her I understand and respect the profession of coaching alot better.  She adapted to my needs, offering guidance and appropriate exercises to work on.  She is very approachable, intuitive to one's feelings and easy to talk to.  Her advice has helped me gain alot of insight into my personal situation and goals and she has left me with many exercises and thoughts that I will keep working with and incorporate in my daily life.  Meeting with Sally has definitely been a starting point to many new things in my life.  I highly recommend you branch out and meet with her.  Thank you! 

Megan*, Teacher, Geneva


I went to see Sally for many reasons.  I had endured back and leg problems for years and then after tearing my calf muscle I found myself very down.  Sally's holistic approach, calm and compassionate manner helped me see there was progress and that there was light at the end of the tunnel.   Her pilates class has helped too; strengthening my body and giving me an awareness of my posture.

As a family I thought we lived and ate healthily and well.  Sally has shown me how to look at the whole picture for our optimal health, ensuring that our whole work:life balance is balanced!  Even in the midst of stress I feel I can deal with life a little easier using the tools Sally has given me to do so.

Sally is always professional and very confidential.  Despite being a personal friend, I value her work ethic and feel I can trust her with my personal life history.

I highly recommend Sally.  As a physiotherapist she has helped me through some tough injuries.  I find her extremely knowledgeable and highly professional.  As a pilates instructor she is calm; and as a coach she makes me feel inspired and positive.  She has helped me to reclaim my life rather than just 'being'.  I also love that as Sally increases her knowledge she shares it with her clients and helps us to grow.

Annabel*, Purser, British Airways, Mum of 2, Geneva

I went to see Sally for my migraines, digestion and weight problems.  Sally helped me step by step to bring changes to my diet and lifestyle and I very quickly began to feel lighter, more energised, more positive and happier!  And all this quite effortlessly because the changes Sally suggested are really adapted to me.  Thank you Sally!                                        

Cathy Stalder, Actress and Teacher, Mum, Geneva


I have seen Sally on a few occasions for physiotherapy.  Sally was recommended to me by a friend and I was very impressed with how highly skilled she is in all aspects of health and wellbeing, not just physiotherapy.  Sally also helped me with challenges I was facing with life... not huge challenges, but ones that were preventing me from moving forward.  Finally, after 2 1/2 years I got to Sally's pilates class ... I wish I had gone sooner!  I found Sally very calm and intuitive to every person in the class; I like the fact that she walks the room to ensure that everyone is doing the poses correctly and adjusts us if needed.  I feel safe and listened to in these classes.

I highly recommend Sally for anyone interested in living an energetic life with a work/life balance.  With her talks and advice I have used these tools to climb to 5,500 metres in Nepal and also walk to the Base of Mount Everest.  Thank you Sally!

Helen Gregan, Globe Trotter, Adventurer & Mum of 2, New Zealand

I really wanted to especially thank you for our coaching session this morning.  It was a great session for me and I really appreciated being able to open up to you.  You are a very smart and caring lady and you are doing an amazing job, so again THANK YOU!

Jo*, Project Manager & Mum, Geneva

I came into coaching at the tail end of my first year in a new job, second year across the Atlantic, looking for a new appartment, finishing moving and looking to move my photography forward.  Sally was always clear, concise and most importantly effective.  Her greatest strength is balancing eliminating obstacles in the present with laying a foundation for the future.  Her work incorporates the mind and the body to optimise moving forward efficiently and quickly.  Satisfied 10+++/10, thank-you so very much!

Daria Filip, Teacher, Paris


From the Health Professionals

From the Health Professionals

Sally has made a very positive impact in the department here and is an excellent communicator.  This ability has been readily apparent in her dealings with colleagues and patients and has been a very popular figure.  Her contribution to the clinical output of the department has been significant and she has utilised the breadth of her experience very well in the military setting where standards are very demanding due to the huge occupational focus on early return to work.  She has been proactive in using learning opportunities to develop her professional abilities and I am sure that she will utilise her excellent interpersonal and clinical skills to excellent effect in the future.  I wish her well in her new location but share with Mrs Simpson the sense of loss at the departure of this talented team player.

Dr. Snedon, Senior Medical Officer, Officer Training, Royal Air Force College, Cranwell


Sally worked in Grampian NHS Trust from November 1997 until June 2001.  I was Manager of the Physiotherapy service during this time.  From her arrival it was apparent that Sally was extremely competent, professional, enthusiastic and highly motivated in all areas of her career as a Chartered Physiotherapist.  She excelled in the clinical areas of musculo skeletal, orthopaedics and sports medicine.  She vigorously pursued opportunities to increase her clinical expertise by attending post graduate educational courses, sometimes at her own expense.  Her attitude to her work reflects on and motivates those around her.

Issie Graham, Professions Allied to Medicine and Projects Facilitator, Grampian NHS Trust, Scotland 


Sally is an exceptionally bright and conscientious person to work with.  She shows great enthusiasm towards her job.  She is competent in all areas and excels in an out-patient setting.  During her time in our departments she proved to be a great asset and could always be relied upon.  She was self-motivated and sets herself a very high standard of work.  Sally's main strength is her enthusiasm and energy.  She has a very professional attitude towards her patients and colleagues.

Sue Menzies, Physiotherapy Manager, Dr Gray's Hospital, Grampian NHS Trust, Scotland


Sally is a lovely person to work with and a valued member of our team.  She has a charming personality and this comes across in her dealings with patients and colleagues.  She has a calming effect on any heated discussion and I have never known her to be 'rattled', even when dealing with more challenging patients.  She is very supportive of the role of others and is excellent in either a leader or followership role.  Her presence in the Medical Centre will be missed by her colleagues in all professions.

Sally is able to concentrate on providing an excellent level of physiotherapy to her patients as a pure clinician.  She works hard to achieve the best outcomes for all her patients and ensures that referrals to GPs and Remedial instructors are timely and well documented.  Sally tends to be very thorough in her patient assessments and treatments and delivers an excellent service.  She knows her own limitations and when to ask for advice.  

Sally is a consummate team player.  She is very loyal to her colleagues and can be relied upon to offer sensible advice in all situations in the workplace.  She has made strong contributions to staff meetings and has used her previous experience in the private sector to suggest ideas for service improvement.  She is able to communicate with patients, colleagues and other professions in a pleasant, eloquent manner enabling her to maintain excellent working relationships.  I am sorry to lose Sally from our rehabilitation team and wish her well in her new endeavours in France.

Mrs Mary Simpson, Physiotherapy Manager, RAF Cranwell, UK