Having worked with thousands of highly active professionals or athletes heading for burn out, super busy entrepreneurs who'd dreamt of 'freedom', and dynamic juggling parents who are ridiculously time-short, I've noticed the patterns these dynamic achievers adopt:

  • They frequently turn to sugar, exercise, alcohol or work as their drug of choice.  
  • They feel real pressure or like to be constantly busy, perfect or perform at a high level either at work, as a parent or in sport.  
  • Their self-talk is incessant and highly critical.  
  • They worry quite a lot, often about money or those around them, even though they are wealthy and safe by any reasonable standards. Whilst this is 'normal' to a certain extent, it's gets in the way of them enjoying your life or focusing where they'd like to. 
  • When life delivers a sudden challenge such as an ill relative or challenging phase with their kids, they're totally knocked off because they're already living totally on the edge.

So whilst they can appear very fit and successful on the outside, they can actually be quite sick inside. 

Something can literally feel 'off'.  They're not always sure exactly what, but they know something has to change.

I could have also actually written "I" as opposed to "THEY" for each of the above, as I've related to every single pattern at various points throughout my life!

I get it.  Life can seem fast paced and it doesn't always go to plan. 

What I've also noticed personally, and with many of my clients, is what we do during our challenging phases is REALLY important. And actually often quite telling. 

This INNER resilience comes from a place of deep knowing.  From having a personal toolbox that sadly isn't taught at schools - it should be...I'll save that rant for another day! 

So we're often literally set up to fail at some level - often internally. 

To push more. Work harder. Exercise better. Control our food. Uplevel the house. And ensure our kids, students or team have the same discipline.

Something can feel like it's missing.  Inner peace, fulfilment, full health or happiness -  we just don't feel the way we would like to.   

I find this is often because not only are we lacking some of the essential tools for personal or physical mastery, but also we aren't living in alignment with our true beliefs, true values and inner desires.  

Hence we gradually become energetically depleted.   Gradually this transforms to the physical, hence the health problems and injuries start to creep in or take longer to heal than they 'should'.  

Because at a metaphysical level the body is incredibly wise. It feels every single mis-aligned decision we make.

This is the point many of us then decide to eat, exercise and sleep perfectly to rectify the dis - ease, and though it should certainly help, it won't necessarily get to the route of the problem.  

This can actually feel even more frustrating  and confusing because despite your efforts, you don't get the results you want, deserve or are capable of with your health, wealth or relationships - at least not all at once.  

It's also why the New Year's resolutions often don't quite work out.  Our efforts are often being wasted in ineffective places.

Do you ever wonder, is it really possible to enjoy great health, inner peace, personal satisfaction, love and money all at the same time?

I'm here to help you take a stand for having it all and empower you with the tools to equip you to truly believe that YES it really is!  Not in some cheesy romantic movie kind of way, but more in a deeply fulfilled,  healthy and sustainable kind of way.   

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