Are you feeling it's time to release something in your life?  As the leaves drop from the trees, you may feel a similar shift in your energy.  

There are 3 main reasons why it's really worth stopping and taking note.  


1) Systematically releasing and resetting can pay dividends for our bodies, minds and lives.

Like you re-set or clear your computer regularly (stopping it from clogging up and slowing down with unwanted data) we really are just the same! A frequent reboot can feel like you have a whole new lease of life.  Suddenly we can cope better in a crisis.  We don't get ill the minute the first wave of flu comes through, we feel lighter and are more present in the now. 

2) Knowing what season you're in can offer immense reassurance during a challenging phase. 

Whilst it may not be obvious or conscious, when we're tuned into our deep desires and fundamental needs, we often find our urges actually do follow the seasons.   I found it to be no big surprise or coincidence that the #metoo movement has gained great momentum over this season.  Like a massive release of energy, letting go of what's no longer serving us makes space for the new energy to uplevel and just maybe change our world! 

3) Energy is everything. 

Physical energy, metaphysical or emotional energy, however you want to describe it really is everything.  It's involved in your health, your success, how you communicate.  As human beings we are highly connected to nature.  We are designed to live symbiotically with it.  Doesn't it make sense that energetically we follow similar rhythms?  As we release before winter, this gives us chance to hibernate over the darker winter months, ready to really blossom in spring.  Your rhythm may of course be somewhat faster, you don't HAVE to hibernate for 3 months!  However, noticing what season your body is in will enable you to feel highly aware, more in control and less confused by the changes you experience. 


There are many ways to move through the more challenging seasons.   I suggest to my clients that they create a Feel Fabulous Fast Formula which I'll share on the blog next month.  Creating a unique plan to lift yourself up and stay connected with yourself at a deep level, is something I consider to be an essential practice in our frantic world.  However, we are all such unique souls that one size really does not fit all here. 

We very often do require or certainly do benefit from professional support to speed up this process.  I find a deep mindfulness process, twinned with powerful transformational coaching can get to the route incredibly quickly and is invariably the method I use, interspersed with others, to help my clients clear the way to their freedom and success. 

I'm privileged to witness time and time again how releasing the heavy layers no longer serving us makes way for so much time, energy, clarity, health and not surprisingly, weight loss.  How can we possibly feel at our best when we're holding onto limited beliefs, anxiety and other stories we aren't even consciously aware of?  We simply don't always know what we don't know! 

The good news is it's really not that complicated or painful to move through these limitations when you know how.  Sadly, most people don't do this regularly and hence find they suddenly reach crisis points in their life because so much stress has accumulated.  

Don't hesitate to check out the Energy Transformation Kickstart  if you would love some support to help you to clear, release and unblock energy drains so that you can find your freedom and hence love your LIFE ... UNLIMITED.