The spiritual significance of the Spring Equinox


The spiritual significance of the Spring Equinox

So Spring is officially here! With the 20th March marking the Spring Equinox, the time when the hours of daylight and dark are equally balanced. Overall marking a time of Balance and Wholeness.

So I recorded a Spring Equinox Energy Release audio that you can enjoy right here, right now! To assist you with the release and reset part of this season, to be all set to welcome in all the new energy and transformations you desire for the weeks ahead.

Instant access with no e-mail required here:

This is a time that, until the eighteenth century, was considered by many parts of Europe to mark the start of the new astrological year. When even way back when, people would perform rituals to cleanse out old energy in both themselves and in their homes.

At a deeper spiritual level, according to the Conscious Reminder Blog, the equinox is thought to represent:

"the period of struggle between darkness and light, death and life. It occurs when the night and day will be equal, and the journey of the Sun to actually get there also signifies the journey of the Universe.

The importance of the spring season is that the daylight will start increasing, so we will experience more light such as illuminating, reminding us that the light will always return to earth. Hence, this equinox is the representation of new life and light, new beginnings, path, and seeds.

As the day and the night will be equal on the 20th of March, this equinox will also be the representation of our needs for balance during this period. It will be the time of new beginnings, renewal, and growth. We can say that this equinox is definitely the best period of the year, in order to focus on some new projects, or get rid of something which doesn’t serve us anymore, and to find the balance we need in life".

Essentially, these ideas, like so many of the best healing and development tools ideas, actually originated in ancient times.

When people were arguably way more connected to the earth, themselves and the wider universe I'm guessing because they had less distractions and life was simply slower.

Basically, the Spring Equinox is practically, physically, emotionally and spiritually a FABULOUS time of energetic opportunity.

Even more so this year, given there’s a full supermoon tonight too. Making this an unusual and even more powerful occurrence - not since 2000 and not until 2030 do they occur so closely together.

So do press play above, enjoy, relax and release! The great energy and window of opportunity will continue a few days beyond the exact equinox, hence if you aren't free to do the release tonight don't worry, you'll still benefit.


10 priorities for a great night's sleep


10 priorities for a great night's sleep

SLEEP. We all obviously need it. But really how important is it?

In my experience it’s SUPER important.

Whether my patients and clients come with the goal of reducing anxiety or pain, losing weight or feeling more energetic through a challenging phase, how much and how well they are sleeping is of HUGE importance.

We could try all the nutrition, mindset and mindfulness tools in the world yet would get limited results if we don't get decent sleep.

Here's what I consider the 10 most important elements for a great nights' sleep:

  1. Control the room temperature.

  2. Have water by your bed for little sips as required and especially for the next morning.

  3. Have a simple bedtime ritual for example: wash and apply favourite cream, 15 mins reading, a couple of minutes gratitudes in bed. Know how long this takes.

  4. Plan the 7-9 hours you need - the iphone has a bedtime app to help you count back. Then plan what time you need to start your wind-down ritual

  5. Put your phone to bed! Avoid any use of a screen in bed except for a kindle with a night-time mode which has less blue light. Limit screen time prior to bedtime for up to 2 hours, particularly if you struggle to get to sleep due to the blue light which will disturb the melatonin production.

  6. No TV, or at least only occasional use in the bedroom!

  7. Books are definitely best, though decide a clear time to stop, even if it’s a good bit!!

  8. Get to bed with the first wave of fatigue if you’ve a tendency to be a night owl like me! Once you miss the cues you’ll get a second wave and regret it the next day.

  9. If you do wake up, avoid turning on many lights and ideally use a breathing meditation to help fall back to sleep.

  10. Consider having a journal by your bed to dump thoughts that come to you and keep on ‘turning’ – this can help you have a sounder night.

Without this foundation in place, our body literally can’t repair itself and an array of symptoms appear from hormonal imbalances, headaches and low libido to difficulty focusing and chronic exhaustion or burnout.

Today is World Sleep Day so do gift yourself a couple of minutes to check in: are both the quality and quantity of your sleep optimal? Did you sleep well last night? If not, why not?

There’s much power in making the decision to up level an area of your health or life. The best thing is that an improvement in the quality or quantity of your sleep will flow over to every area of your life and performance. There’s literally no supplement or medication in the world that is THAT powerful!

If you would love support to improve your energy or sleep do check out my Energy Kickstart.

Do note that as a special offer to support this year’s World Sleep Day, if you book an Energy Reset by midnight on Friday 22nd March, you will receive a 30 minute “optimise your sleep coaching session” as a free bonus. Simply purchase your session here .

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Balance for Better


Balance for Better

Friday 8th March brings International Women's Day 2019.

An opportunity to consider how women are treated and our roles in the modern world. Despite the amazing opportunities we have as women, certainly in the western world, there is clearly still much balancing to be done. Indeed this year's theme is "Better the balance, better the world".

So bringing it to a micro level, ie.YOU, I wonder, how 'balanced' do you feel? 

Do you feel that life, work, health and relationships are all nicely balanced the way you desire in terms of time, energy and money?
That the daily chores are equally divided between you and your partner? 
That you're seen and heard equally to the men you're surrounded by at work? 

Or, are you torn in many directions? Being many things to many people and responsibilities. Often feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Yoga retreat 2.jpeg

Women ARE of course capable of doing anything and everything. 
BUT, we have a breaking point. And believe me, reaching that breaking point can be really really messy. Often involving sick leave, accidents, hospital admissions and lengthy rehabilitiation.

Hence why my mission is to create a generation of leaders and achievers who consistently THRIVE.

Who refuse to live on the brink of crisis. Who have fuel for themselves and those around them. And actually in doing so inspire those around them to do the same. Because teaching our next generation to exist in a highly stressed state is neither healthy nor sustainable.

The Dalai Lama once said "The World will be saved by Western Women".

I happen to agree with his vision.

Women have so much to offer - to their communities, work, kids and the next generation. However it won't be through exhaustion, burnout and anxiety that women can show up as their most radiant, creative and capable selves. 

Hence why I have a special International Women's Day gift for you!

If you're:

  • A women 

  • Driven to make a change in the world - whether that be through being the best parent you can, working on purposeful projects eg. partaking in charity work or work in an NGO, or are in a service based profession such as teaching / medicine / environmental work etc 

  • Have never had a complimentary coaching session with me

    then as my offering to support this years campaign, I would love to offer you a totally free, no strings attached, online coaching session to discuss ANYTHING that would help you THRIVE!

Topics often worked through in coaching and consulting sessions include:

  • energy releasing of draining emotions, relationships or memories

  • optimising nutrition and exercise for healthy hormones

  • learning and prioritising tools for managing anxiety and stress during challenging times

  • time management strategies

All designed to help optimise your health, happiness and performance and bring a sense of control despite having so much on your plate. I work holistically with the WHOLE you, because that’s how you get the quickest outcomes.

I have 5 of these slots available and they'll be issued on a first come first served basis over the next 10 days, starting tomorrow.  If there’s a slot free in the calendar below, you’re in luck, simply follow the process and book in!

Much of my work is with driven women and leaders who have missions to make changes in the world. They usually reach out at crisis point when they realise that they have started to sacrifice their own health or happiness for work or those around them. 

The good news is they don't have to. There IS another way.

In my experience, once women 'better their balance' in their own life FIRST and optimise their own health, sanity and energy, they then have the capacity to better impact those around them either at work or as a parent.

Invariably after even 1 session together we start to shift with the primary changes that make the biggest difference to their health, happiness and missions. Changes that help them to show up as the best version of themselves, more often.

Please don't feel you have to be in crisis to reach out. It's my mission to shift human behaviour to reach out BEFORE the crisis! However should you feel this isn't for you, do feel free to donate your gift to a female friend or relative who could do with some support. 

Meanwhile I'm sure you doing a fabulous job at being an inspiring women so do take a moment to celebrate yourself!  

With love and light


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Photo credit Philipa Daria Photography


Why New Year Resolutions rarely work and what to do instead


Why New Year Resolutions rarely work and what to do instead

Maybe the strategy behind them is flawed from the start...

A New Year. A fresh start. New intentions and a surge of energy. New Year Resolutions begin with such great hope.

I’m guessing you started the year determined to accomplish or feel x, y and z? Here’s some I hear frequently and have indeed made myself over the years…

  • Stop my addictions to sugar (work / wine / chocolate / coffee) to be able to enjoy vibrant health and energy

  • Meditate or do more yoga - to kiss goodbye to stress or an over active mind

  • Exercise more or smarter to feel fit or lose weight

  • Stay patient with the kids / make more time for the people I love

  • Find my purpose and a sense of inner peace, joy and presence.

  • Increase the energy, time or money available to spend on passion projects, adventures and travel

Fabulous intentions on the surface. I even used the word intentions over resolutions which any decent life coach will advise you to do. They also have a ‘why’ behind them - it’s always very important to know your ‘why’, otherwise why would you continue to carry out the action required to get the results when you feel like s*** by January 3rd?

Yet…just a few days into this fresh new year you find yourself overwhelmed with all there is to do. The empty fridge and ongoing cravings for the food you were never going to touch come January 1st really don’t help.

Reality hits - it’s going to take work to get the results you desire.

Now actually you’re not afraid of hard work. Just that somehow in the beauty of that wonderful pause between Christmas and New Year, the reality of your fast paced living, along with a tendency to subconsciously self sabotage what’s really important to you had been forgotten.

Fear not, research shows that 80% of people give up on their New Years Resolutions by the second week of February, so you've still a little time on your side.

Here’s what I see happen time and time again in both myself and my high achieving coaching clients and physical therapy patients. The ‘pain states’ such as frustration, anxiety, shame and depression take over when we don’t stick to the commitment we’ve made to ourselves.

The age of information overload doesn’t help. We’re bombarded with how to think, move, eat, sleep and meditate. Who should we trust? What will work for best for me? Which method will give me the quick results I’m looking for?

It never helps when it seems the world, the personalities of those you’re surrounded by or the winter bugs are also subconsciously plotting against you to sabotage your plans! 

It’s no wonder many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by all we want to accomplish or feel very early into the New Year. The reality is that any other time of the year than when we set the resolution, we’re massively time short.

So let's just stop for a moment.   

A frustrated cluttered mind is overwhelming, stressful on the body and not conducive to success.  

Deep clarity is invariably required to know what's REALLY going on. Because things are often not as simple as they seem.  

Hence commencing by gaining deep clarity is part of the process I use to start the year both myself, and with my insanely busy, often over-stressed clients.  It's invariably much more successful than 'resolutions' that are often destined to fail because the strategy is flawed from the start. 

How to gain deep CLARITY

The first skill we lose when we're frantically busy is to see things clearly. Hence the vicious circle of feeling time-short, stressed or overwhelmed continues. 

Often it can seem superficially clear eg. if you want to feel great you exercise more and eat healthy food, right?  And this is true to a certain extent.  However, we are all such unique beings. Women particularly for example have such delicately balanced hormones that it's not quite so simple.  Our needs fluctuate considerably over the week, month and years.

The effects of constant over-stress sneak in with such a huge array of symptoms; from lack of patience with loved ones to anxiety and weight gain, we often barely recognise they're related.  Repeated injuries and illness, fertility challenges, increasing pre-menstrual tension and irregularities, digestive issues and poor sleep to name just a few.  Then menopause arrives with avengance and we wonder where on earth it came from. What if it’s just one more physical sign of stress, exacerbated by the crazy load of modern life?

Clients and patients often come to me at crisis point. They’ve known something needs to change for a while, then often the final straw such as a change in management at work, sudden illness, the increasing reliance on medication pushes them to breaking point. Hence over the years I’ve learnt to help them peel back the layers of life - dissatisfaction at work, responsible job, kids challenges, family feuds, financial issues, disconnected from friends to get to the root of what’s going on.

Clarity is required in 3 main areas:

1. Clarity over the answers to deeper questions such as:  

  • WHAT is actually going on?

  • WHY aren't you feeling the way you desire?

  • Exactly WHY are you having the sugar cravings / sleepless nights / anxiety attacks?

  • HOW do you really want to FEEL?

  • WHY do you want more energy?

2. Clarity around what is the one MOST powerful action you can take right now, with the limited time you DO have, to feel the way you want to feel...

  • Meditate?

  • Take a shower?

  • Surrender and do absolutely nothing for at least an hour.

3. Clarity over the cost of NOT taking action:

Eg. for stress...the awareness that the alternative is to keep going and waiting until crisis point, which invariably cumulates in a visit to see your equally time-short, exhausted doctor, whose most obvious choice is to prescribe one of the magic  'A' drugs: an anti-depressant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory or antibiotic.  Maybe combined with a sleeping pill just to make sure you aren't loosing precious sleep. 

I know from my personal experience and that of my clients, what a huge problem for women all the varying pressures on them create.  The pressure to have it ALL together, in ALL areas of their lives, at ALL times.  Perform in the challenging job, yet don't let it compromise being first and foremost a mother / daughter /best friend.  Work out and look fit, but don't let it interfere with family or social time.  Have the house stay immaculate, though ensure the whole family eats healthily and make sure it all gets done with a smile on your face. 

Research is mounting that pressure induced mid-life crisis amongst women is not only increasing, it's an epidemic impacting EVERY area of life.  Because here's the thing, hormones really do rule.  So you might be able to put on a great mask of 'having it all together', but your body, health, life and relationships will likely pay the price. 

The plans, the hows, tools and the strategies then follow, but first you need to know the root of the problems and have the clarity of an informed and intuitively guided vision to counteract them.

The VISION has to be smart and bigger than the pain.  Sadly the pain so often wins because the VISION isn't clear enough in the first place. 

Once you get the CLARITY on the extent and truth of the problem, and only then, switch your attention to the solutions you have at your disposal, you're much more likely to take the CONSISTENT and long term action required.  

If you recognise any of the symptoms - from weight gain and anxiety, to exhaustion and difficulty being present to truly ENJOY life, I personally urge you to gain CLARITY NOW.  In my opinion it's why the resolutions so often don't work and why people don't get the results they desire. 

Who’s to say we need resolutions at all? I’m all for people reaching their potential and staying on great form, but there are optimal ways of doing so.

The great news is that there ARE ways to feel consistently fabulous and accomplish your ambitious goals. Yet the action steps required need to be implemented in the best way for YOU.   For example if you're depleted and overwhelmed, you might be better joining a meditation class instead of the gym or going for a walk instead of a run for now in your very precious time.  Your exact action should be considered very wisely, because the dear world of google may have you believe that you need to do MORE.  The reality is, your physiology and hormones may firmly disagree and either launch you further on a downward spiral or considerably limit the speed of your progress.  Hence you need a personalised, carefully created plan.

The other good news based upon my observations from 20 years of working with high achievers, is that they are often fast action takers - a fabulous trait when you aren’t exhausted and are taking action that will work for you.  

Clarity is the first topic we kick off with in our Thrive 365 Mastermind. This is a small and intimate online group of amazing women who desire support to not only achieve their ambitious goals, but also feel fabulous along the way. We commence on the 14th January, though we’ve already started the process of consciously creating a great year and not relying on those resolutions. You can find all the details and book a short call to discuss if it’s right for you HERE.


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A moment to Review, Reflect and Release


A moment to Review, Reflect and Release

Despite the whirlwind which is December for many of the busy achievers I work with, these last 2 few weeks have seen us Review, Reflect and Release upon all that has been 2018. To clear the way for a sense of satisfaction and peace over the holiday period. To start to clear the headspace to welcome in the new ideas and energy of the New Year just around the corner. 

So how has 2018 worked out for you?

Have you accomplished what you set out to at the beginning of the year? If you haven't yet had 5 minutes to spare to consider this question, I'd strongly recommend you find it. Infact an hour would be even better!

I believe this is an ESSENTIAL process whoever you are and whatever you do. I call it a Review, Reflect and Release (RRR) process. A process to help recognise and celebrate what’s worked, and to consciously leave behind any of the undesirable energy and baggage.

You may find that you’re great at doing this systematically in some areas of your life, say in your business or with your kids. However invariably the process highlights some scope to release in other areas.

Our tendencies can be to repeat our patterns year after year. We carry the weight of unnecessary loads that weigh us down and hold us back from reaching our full potential and feeling great along the way. In an era when we’re forever time short and over stressed, carrying this unnecessary burden is both unnecessary and inefficient.

Here’s a simple version of the Review, Reflect and Release process to set yourself up to consistently succeed and balance all the important areas of your life.

Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper and follow these prompts:

  • On a blank piece of paper, draw a line in middle to divide vertically into 2. 

  • Label the left positive and the right negative. 

  • Write the months down the left. 

  • Fill in the highlights on both sides so you have a snapshot of the year including all the area’s that are important to you: eg. business, health, relationships, finances, professional development, kids, travel, adventures, personal growth.

An alternative way you can do this, or even combine the two methods…flip through your diary / journal for the year and consider: 

  • What are the 10 highlights of the year?

  • Do you notice any positive patterns that help helped you succeed or feel the way you desire?

  • Do you notice any negative patterns that have held you back or got in your way?

  • Are there any experiences / feelings you need to release for this year?

Do share any reflections or particularly any areas that need RELEASING in our free private members group The Wellbeing Forum as I can help get you started with that.

I did a review process with our masterminders over the last couple of weeks and their personal accomplishments blew me away. Here's just a few of their comments...

  • I actually feel balanced, I've rediscovered me! 

  •  The rollercoaster of emotions pre-menstrually has calmed - the headaches gone

  • I can accept tricky situations and deal with the emotions with much more ease 

  • I no longer need my anti-anxiety medication!

  • I lost 8 kilos. But it's more than that..I buy clothes that fit me, not ones that 'nearly' fit and are still in the wardrobe with the labels on.

  • I actually now really love ME. I actually recognise that I really am amazing AND I'm ready to meet my soul mate.

  • I feel so confident in my work and speak up when required. The constant and exhausting self doubt and sabotage are so much reduced. 

Priceless don't you think?

In my personal and professional experience, we're often held back back from being our best and most vibrant selves by things we don't even realise.

It's just one reason (amongst many) why New Year's Resolutions don't work particularly well. 

We plough into a New Year without having appreciated just how far we've come in the last one. Such is the nature of our fast paced lives. At times there are areas to release and leave behind. Other areas that have worked out so well that we need to recognise exactly what we did so we can keep on doing it! And then there are our favourite and cherished memories that we want to imprint in our hearts and hold there forever. 

It’s natural to want to rush ahead towards the new energy of the new year. It’s hopeful, exciting. It can feel uncomfortable to visit certain areas, particularly when they feel like failures that we’d rather forget. It often actually is easier to stay busy, to avoid the pain. Yet there are so many gifts in simply being present with what is and learning the tools to reach a point of acceptance or change what you’d prefer to change.

I do assure you, that if you take some time to wrap up and FINNISH this year well, it will help launch next year off to a far more grounded, solid start. It could make your entire year so much easier! THEN you'll be all set to dream big and map out all your hopes and desires for the new year ahead. There’s still time for that. Which I'll talk about more in my next blog so look out for that very soon!

If you’re looking for support to help you launch 2019 with the Energy, Health and Success you desire, do checkout The Thrive 365™ Online Mastermind. It’s just opened for enrolement ready to start 14th January.

Would you love to not only accomplish all you desire next year, but FEEL the way you want all the way along? This is a very special small intimate group of women. It’s a unique group and private coaching blend, designed to support you to succeed in your goals, with fabulous health, inside and out.


An Advent of Selflove...


An Advent of Selflove...

Could an advent of self-love fend off festive exhaustion?

No doubt you've heard it said - you can't love anyone else until you love yourself.  Really is that true? 

And what's advent got to do with it? 

One thing I've noticed over my many years of practice, is that many of my clients (particularly the driven female ones) are often completely and utterly frazzled by Christmas.  So 3 years ago I thought it apt to commence a movement of self-care for smart women, during this super busy period.

It's not so easy to enjoy a time of celebration when we're well and truly exhausted. To top it all, as the year draws to the end we can focus on feeling inadequate with all the things that we haven't achieved this year and our mood can quickly start to lower as the hours of sunlight fade.  No wonder we get ill or over indulge!  It can be enough to tip the most unlikely emotional eater to well, guess what ... emotionally eat! 

I know as I’m sure you do, it’s deeper than self-care, because it's not just about having sitting down with a cuppa or taking a bath. You can take a rather lovely bath with a really destructive mindset.

It’s about being mindful about how you operate. Knowing who you really are so you can move through the month with the wisdom required to stay both healthy and happy.  I simply share bite-sized strategies to fit into your busy month. No extra ‘challenges’, none of us need that when we’re maxed out! That way you can hopefully feel fulfilled, fit and fabulous by Christmas and enjoy the special season without falling ill or disgruntled before, during or shortly after.  

One of my more indulgent self-love strategies is a December mini retreat, a night away solo, in my favourite chic spa hotel in the mountains.  I catch up with my coach and wrap up the years' accomplishments. I start to set clear intentions for the year ahead.  I don't like to hit Jan 1st without a clue where I'm heading!  What would be your ideal way to wrap up your year?  It can feel somewhat chaotic when there's simply too many loose ends in the air.  

So is it true you can't love someone else until you love yourself?  Only you can answer that.  However, I do believe that life flows with much greater ease when you have the awareness to know and love yourself deeply.  You look and relate to others differently.  You feel fulfilled. And you usually discover you really are rather amazing.  

Lookout for my #adventofselflove 2019 musings over on Instagram and Facebook. Do join us in our private members facebook group The Wellbeing Forum where there will be a thread dedicated to the topic and you can ask me your questions directly. It's all totally free.  My early Christmas offering to the world :)


Is this the secret of the French Paradox?


Is this the secret of the French Paradox?

Spend any time in France and you quickly notice that they seem to break every single food ‘rule’ we hear about how to stay slim, fit and healthy. Bread accompanies breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Wine most days. Dairy galore with cheese and croissants.

Long termed the French Paradox, just how do they maintain their health?

Spend a little longer in France and you start to realise that whilst the average French person is far from gluten, dairy, alcohol and sugar free, they do one thing incredibly well, consistently. They take what seems like a frustratingly long time, over a healthy lunch!

When we moved to France years ago, one of the first differences we were struck by was the insistence on at least 1 hour for the lunch occasion - or 1 1/2 hours for the children at school, when literally everything closed and there was nothing else to do but eat!!

It took us a while to adapt, before we accepted that whilst this may not have been the exact reason we moved, overall it kind of was part of it. There was something about this country’s culture that embraces the joy of food and eating ‘en famille’ that we knew was far healthier than the hurried sandwich version we’d grabbed back in the UK.

And so we embraced it too. Our children came home to eat lunch until they were about 10 years old. And whilst i grumbled many a time about how it interfered with my busy day, I have absolutely no regrets as I’ve no doubt it contributed towards their healthy relationship with food.

Food Retreat.jpg

Let’s flip it over and consider it from a different angle. Having spent my gap year in France long ago, I was able to reflect on how French food had affected my 17 year old self. Interestingly it is the only time in my life (other than being pregnant) that I’d put on weight, having returned home to England almost a stone heavier than when I left! Having skied, ran or exercised almost every day (that’s one thing definitely in their favour, the French do move), yet with my clear increase in weight, it was not the full story.

The one habit I hadn’t embraced as a cash short gap year student, was, once again, the long healthy lunch. I opted for the good old stable and cheap cheese baguette as I rushed out to the ski slopes during the sacred lunch hour to enjoy the empty slopes. It’s also highly possible that I may have gone a little over board with the croissants at breakfast and the beer for après ski, without food, most evenings.

I wasn’t particularly food conscious at the time and didn’t noticed that the locals simply didn’t eat this way. Oh hindsight is a wonderful thing. Thankfully I wasn’t advising anyone on lifestyle at that point in my life!

Ahhh…the joy and health benefits of a long lunch #Frenchstyle.

To this day I rarely have a sandwich lunch - it clearly doesn’t suit my body and I’ve never put on weight again. With teens who are now at school all day (with time cut out in their school day for a 3 course lunch, bien sûr) these days I do often take a quicker lunch. However, having a wholesome lunch, with the lighter meal in the evening, has literally become second nature.

I only recently learned that UNESCO features the French gastronomic meal in it’s World Intangible Heritage list. With good reason I believe. A healthy, joyful relationship with food seems to be very precious in our time short and quickly distracted world. My only guidance would be to enjoy such feasts primarily at lunch.

There’s much I love about this country and much that didn’t quite go to plan to bring our French dream alive, which I shared very recently in my story, The Perfectly Imperfect French Dream, which I shared in the anthology of amazing stories in our amazon International Bestseller, Courageous World Catalysts 2. You can check it out and order your copy here:


Exam Time Stress


Exam Time Stress

Tensions have been high in our household the last few days. 

It's official exam time for my 14 year old which has come a year early really as the school have decided to play around with the idea of having them sit 1 exam to get it out of the way.  Just that important exams require a certain level of maturity to prepare for... 

My darling son thought it was a good idea to play on his playstation yesterday to help him 'relax' with his friends.  I quietly disagreed, yet for teenage harmony I decided to go along with his desire for an hour and a half. However, there came a point where mama had to intervene and suggest he returned to his revision.  

And no, he wasn't allowed to go on there again in the evening.  This didn't land well. At 19.45pm my son had decided he wasn't going to do the exam at all today. Or eat his dinner. Or get out of bed, unless it was to play on his playstation.  

So we had one of those parent - teen stand offs which is not the most relaxing way to prepare for the most important exam you've had so far.

I'm aware of my strengths. Handling my own stressed teenagers isn't yet top of my zones of genius - I clearly haven't quite done my 10 000 hours here yet - though I am getting rather a lot of practice recently! 

Fortunately, knowing how to handle myself kind of is, which thankfully kind of helps.  Being highly aware of hormone havoc also happens to land in my area of expertise and despite my son's best efforts to convince me that HIS body was different and would relax better before bed with the playstation routine, sadly for him it didn't really work. 


So did I handle myself perfectly? 

Er no. I have to admit there was shouting involved, threats.  My tween daughter also got involved in the heightened stress drama too so at one stage it escalated into a 3 way stand-off! 

Yet thankfully I know my kids well. 

Despite my anger that they hadn't helped prepare supper at all (it's part of their chores), and feeling like throwing theirs in the bin, I decided it usually does help to have them fed.  We all get rather 'hangry' in our house.  Like the toddler phase really all over again. So we ate. In silence. 

And then, like the wonder of a new day, my children gradually transformed into the delightful ones I'm proud to call my own.  Polite, reasonable, apologetic.  

Meanwhile I rediscovered a little more patience. 

We were even able to discuss the Yerkes - Dodson stress curve, mindset for performance and mindful breathing, all in teen terms of course! 

Peace was restored as the storm thankfully passed. 

Food, patience, a new tool and 'space' in our house are so often the simple medicines required.


Storms don't last forever.png


5 questions to consider before planning out your week


5 questions to consider before planning out your week

How we define success matters rather a lot before we plan out our week.  Does your definition involve pure professional / business or financial success? Or does it involve a WHOLE lot more.

Such as: 

- how you want to feel on an everyday basis

- how much time you want to be available for your children and loved ones and what state you’re in when you’re with them

- having time and energy to do the things you love doing, purely for pleasure

- a deep sense of fulfillment that what you’re doing matters or is aligned with who you are and your values

-your physical and mental health

Success Lin.png

Most would say of course success involves many of the above. Yet our actions create our reality and hence if our action plan is geared heavily towards a goal we don't actually want to create, we get off track rather considerably. 

So what does success really look and feel like to you? 

If we’re to get to the end of our week, year and indeed life with a sense of completeness or satisfaction, answering these questions will be well worth your time.


Spring enrolment for our bespoke private and group coaching blend,  The Life Unlimited Mastermind is open.  It's A tried and tested process designed to support driven achievers to reset and revitalise, from the inside out.  To help busy souls rebalance and live life with more flow and alignment and less stress, fear or overwhelm.  You can find all the details HERE

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3 life lessons from a glacier


3 life lessons from a glacier

You know you’ve had one of those days you’ll remember forever when you wake up smiling, remembering the magic of the day before.   To be honest, I hadn’t expected to be quite so ‘wowed’ as we headed off to explore the Vallee Blanc in Chamonix. Dare I say I even thought I was starting to lose my passion for the mountains.  Skiing isn't the main passion of my football and horse obsessed family these days, so we’d been doing other family activities recently.

Thankfully I have a fabulous friend who IS passionate about arranging these adventures and gave me just the nudge I needed to get me out on my way.

When you move towards what seems exciting, that’s often where passion is restored. And passion is vital for the body, mind and soul.


So we set off on our adventure.  We just had to get across the infamous ridge at the top first.   The thing is, I did this tight ridge over 20 years ago, along with a fair amount of back-country skiing and even heli-boarding. I had very little fear.  Yet I'd awoken the night before, listening to the wind howling and questioning if it was wise to go on such a self-gratifying, totally unnecessary, risk taking adventure.  So what had changed?  Was it age?  Wise maternal instinct? 

I liked Serge, our ski guide, immediately.  He had that assuring 'I've done this a thousand times before' look about him.  He quickly reassured me about my fear.  He said he actually finds it really concerning when his clients have no fear, they're unpredictable and do too much crazy stuff.  Umm yes I pondered, my younger self would have perhaps related.  


We decided hence fear was a good thing in this particular instance. we agreed we'd call it 'wisdom'.

So under Serge's astute eye and blessings from the snow gods (who'd scattered non slippy flakes along the infamous ridge!)  we went on to navigate the ridge with complete ease and enjoyed a rather magnificent powder run down the stunning mountain.


We stopped for lunch with ravenous hunger and big satisfied smiles.  As we soaked up the sun on the terrace of the refuge overlooking the breathtaking glacier, our adventure took an edgy turn. The mountain silence was suddenly broken by a rescue helicopter hovering to search the sea of crevasses just a few metres beside the track we'd passed, just minutes before.   A group of skiers stood waiting below where it seemed one of their group had unfortunately stumbled into a crevasse. 

We were super thankful we'd hired our seasoned guide Serge at this point!  He knew where those crevasses were like the back of his hand.  We asked inquisitively, why on earth would you blatantly ski through a sea of crevasses as it appeared the group in trouble must have done?  It seemed so obvious to take the safer route just 20 metres to the side.  

Our discussion with the infinitely wise Serge continued..."Isn't life all relative?" he pronounced.  He elaborated "To some, the safe route just wouldn’t be enough.  They need more.  More thrills.  More excitement". 

Just like we went looking for more with him for the day, when others staying on the pistes might look at us and think, why would they take the risk?  Another ponder moment...


Life has to be enough to stretch you, because if we aren’t stretched, growing and reaching outside our comfort zone, then we stagnate - which is a deathly place to be in itself. 

vallee blanc.jpg

Little did we know the adventure was to heat up yet another notch.

We clipped in our skis and headed off from the refuge. 

As the helicopter still hovered to finish it's rescue, two para-penters approached from above the slope.  One floated past gracefully.  The other however maybe mis-judged his distance. Within an instant he was flung up into the air by the changing wind flow from the helicopter and dropped with frightening speed into a crevasse.

The helicopter had to head off  to the hospital and return rapidly to rescue the parapenter.  

Serge decided it really was time to head down: "Just stick with me!" he advised.  We decided that was pretty good advice and obediently followed his every track and word! 

So how about you?  Have you done anything that stretches you either physically or emotionally outside of your comfort zone this week, month or year?   Do you have someone you trust on your team, to help guide you and keep you on track physically and emotionally, despite life's challenges?


While you’re her you need to check out my free Five Day Energy Kickstart (just 10 minutes/day) to help you to get from feeling zero to hero! (link below) 😁

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Could an advent of self-love fend off festive exhaustion?

No doubt you've heard it said - you can't love anyone else until you love yourself.  Really is that true? 

And what's advent got to do with it? 

One thing I've noticed over my many years of practice, is that many of my clients (particularly the driven female ones) are often completely and utterly frazzled by Christmas.  So last year I thought it apt to commence a movement of self-care for smart women, during this super busy period.

It's not so easy to enjoy a time of celebration when we're well and truly exhausted. To top it all, as the year draws to the end we can focus on feeling inadequate with all the things that we haven't achieved this year and our mood can quickly start to lower as the hours of sunlight fade.  No wonder we get ill or over indulge!  It can be enough to tip the most unlikely emotional eater to well, guess what ... emotionally eat! 

This year I felt the need to go deeper than self-care, with an #adventofselflove because it's not just about having a bath. You can take a rather lovely bath with a really destructive mindset.

So we're off!  I'll share bite-sized strategies to fit into your busy month. That way you can hopefully feel fulfilled, fit and fabulous by Christmas and enjoy the special season without falling ill or disgruntled before, during or shortly after.  

So far we've covered gratitude and mindfulness.  Next up wrapping up 2017, that's a big one!

One of my more indulgent self-love strategies is a December mini retreat, a night away solo, in my favourite chic spa hotel in the mountains.  I catch up with my coach and wrap up the years' accomplishments.  I start to set clear intentions for the year ahead.  I don't like to hit Jan 1st without a clue where I'm heading!  What would be your ideal way to wrap up your year?  It can feel somewhat chaotic when there's simply too many loose ends in the air.  

So is it true you can't love someone else until you love yourself?  Only you can answer that.  However, I do believe that life flows with much greater ease when you have the awareness to know and love yourself deeply.  You look and relate to others differently.  You feel fulfilled. And you usually discover you really are rather amazing.  

Lookout for my #adventofselflove musings over on Instagram and Facebook.   do join us in The Wellbeing Forum where there will be a thread dedicated to the topic. it's all totally free.  My early Christmas offering to the world :)


A fit but sick epidemic?


A fit but sick epidemic?

Having worked with thousands of highly active professionals or athletes heading for burn out, super busy entrepreneurs who'd dreamt of 'freedom', and dynamic juggling parents who are ridiculously time-short, I've noticed the patterns these dynamic achievers adopt:

  • They frequently turn to sugar, exercise, alcohol or work as their drug of choice.  
  • They feel real pressure or like to be constantly busy, perfect or perform at a high level either at work, as a parent or in sport.  
  • Their self-talk is incessant and highly critical.  
  • They worry quite a lot, often about money or those around them, even though they are wealthy and safe by any reasonable standards. Whilst this is 'normal' to a certain extent, it's gets in the way of them enjoying your life or focusing where they'd like to. 
  • When life delivers a sudden challenge such as an ill relative or challenging phase with their kids, they're totally knocked off because they're already living totally on the edge.

So whilst they can appear very fit and successful on the outside, they can actually be quite sick inside. 

Something can literally feel 'off'.  They're not always sure exactly what, but they know something has to change.

I could have also actually written "I" as opposed to "THEY" for each of the above, as I've related to every single pattern at various points throughout my life!

I get it.  Life can seem fast paced and it doesn't always go to plan. 

What I've also noticed personally, and with many of my clients, is what we do during our challenging phases is REALLY important. And actually often quite telling. 

This INNER resilience comes from a place of deep knowing.  From having a personal toolbox that sadly isn't taught at schools - it should be...I'll save that rant for another day! 

So we're often literally set up to fail at some level - often internally. 

To push more. Work harder. Exercise better. Control our food. Uplevel the house. And ensure our kids, students or team have the same discipline.

Something can feel like it's missing.  Inner peace, fulfilment, full health or happiness -  we just don't feel the way we would like to.   

I find this is often because not only are we lacking some of the essential tools for personal or physical mastery, but also we aren't living in alignment with our true beliefs, true values and inner desires.  

Hence we gradually become energetically depleted.   Gradually this transforms to the physical, hence the health problems and injuries start to creep in or take longer to heal than they 'should'.  

Because at a metaphysical level the body is incredibly wise. It feels every single mis-aligned decision we make.

This is the point many of us then decide to eat, exercise and sleep perfectly to rectify the dis - ease, and though it should certainly help, it won't necessarily get to the route of the problem.  

This can actually feel even more frustrating  and confusing because despite your efforts, you don't get the results you want, deserve or are capable of with your health, wealth or relationships - at least not all at once.  

It's also why the New Year's resolutions often don't quite work out.  Our efforts are often being wasted in ineffective places.

Do you ever wonder, is it really possible to enjoy great health, inner peace, personal satisfaction, love and money all at the same time?

I'm here to help you take a stand for having it all and empower you with the tools to equip you to truly believe that YES it really is!  Not in some cheesy romantic movie kind of way, but more in a deeply fulfilled,  healthy and sustainable kind of way.   

If your goals for 2018 involve being at your best, with great health, energy and clarity then you might want to check out our brand new 'Life Unlimited Mastermind'.  It's designed to equip dynamic women to be consistently energised to achieve all they're passionate about, with greater ease.  AND to feel fabulous along the way, inside and out. 

It has just opened for enrolements and could be the exact toolbox you need for more consistent Health, Happiness and Success in 2018.  You can check it out HERE. 


Judgements...what are they really about?


Judgements...what are they really about?

It's Black Friday and soon Cyber Monday apparently. Scroll straight down if you want to get straight to the offer :)  The days when the world goes crazy with selling and buying. 

I used to judge it - it's sleazie, salesy, encouraging people to buy things they don't need. Mass consumerism etc.   Then I stopped. Maybe people are actually getting amazing value with 'things' that they really need? People are smart. They can make considered buying decisions. 

I've come to gradually realise that my judgements are usually my issues. The reason I was judging so fiercely is that at that time, the idea of sales - putting my products (services to be precise) out to the world felt sleazie, salesy and yep you've got it, was maybe encouraging people to buy things they didn't need!   

What? I got real! If these were my beliefs how was I ever going to serve the world with what I genuinely believe is a life transforming service and my gift? 

I tuned in.  What I 'sell' or 'do' isn't about me.  It's about the life changing transformations that people enjoy from us working together. It's an absolute privilege to be a facilitator of change for change makers. I passionately believe that we're in an era where women can massively change the state of world. Whether that's by raising amazing kids or literally changing education, world poverty or political decisions. 

Yet I also know we won't change the world stuck in fear, overwhelm or burnout.  We need to be fierce and highly tuned into our powerful intuition.  We need to be on great form both physically and emotionally with tools for challenges in our back pocket.  Be able to respond not react and able to be fully present in the NOW.  All of that, I know I can help facilitate. 

So today I encourage you to check in with yourself. What are you judging? What are you 'believing' that's somehow keeping you in your comfort zone? Getting through to the likely fear behind these judgements and beliefs is invariably where you'll find your freedom.  As well as the courage and desire to be both bold and brave and show up in the world as the best version of you. 

With that I indeed have a shameless Black Friday offer!  Actually it was and still is, my November Mastermind introductory offer, which was due to be released today.  The universe is funny with it's timings to get us out of our own way don't you think? 

Until the end of November, women enrolling in The Energy Transformation Kickstart (priced at 295€) will receive 3 months exclusive access into my NEW ONLINE LIFE UNLIMITED MASTERMIND STARTING JAN 2018.

There are 3 conditions to joining the Mastermind: 

  1. You're female and high vibe (albeit with challenges, we all have those!)
  2. You're fully coachable. You're totally ready to grow and uplevel.  You want YOUR Energy - body, mind and soul to be in great form so you can enjoy your desired level of  health, wealth and inner peace in 2018.
  3. You're a private client in one of private programmes such as the Energy Transformation Kickstart

Interesting in joining our new Life Unlimited Mastermind?  You can check out the details HERE.  Questions? No problem, simply book a call to discuss if this is the right move before you make your decision.  I'd be delighted to speak with you.

You could have your 2018 success support strategy nicely in place before all the Christmas craziness begins. Now that's another season I definately have judgements on...

Wishing you oodles of energy for your day!



3 reasons to release energy drains this Autumn


3 reasons to release energy drains this Autumn

Are you feeling it's time to release something in your life?  As the leaves drop from the trees, you may feel a similar shift in your energy.  

There are 3 main reasons why it's really worth stopping and taking note.  


1) Systematically releasing and resetting can pay dividends for our bodies, minds and lives.

Like you re-set or clear your computer regularly (stopping it from clogging up and slowing down with unwanted data) we really are just the same! A frequent reboot can feel like you have a whole new lease of life.  Suddenly we can cope better in a crisis.  We don't get ill the minute the first wave of flu comes through, we feel lighter and are more present in the now. 

2) Knowing what season you're in can offer immense reassurance during a challenging phase. 

Whilst it may not be obvious or conscious, when we're tuned into our deep desires and fundamental needs, we often find our urges actually do follow the seasons.   I found it to be no big surprise or coincidence that the #metoo movement has gained great momentum over this season.  Like a massive release of energy, letting go of what's no longer serving us makes space for the new energy to uplevel and just maybe change our world! 

3) Energy is everything. 

Physical energy, metaphysical or emotional energy, however you want to describe it really is everything.  It's involved in your health, your success, how you communicate.  As human beings we are highly connected to nature.  We are designed to live symbiotically with it.  Doesn't it make sense that energetically we follow similar rhythms?  As we release before winter, this gives us chance to hibernate over the darker winter months, ready to really blossom in spring.  Your rhythm may of course be somewhat faster, you don't HAVE to hibernate for 3 months!  However, noticing what season your body is in will enable you to feel highly aware, more in control and less confused by the changes you experience. 


There are many ways to move through the more challenging seasons.   I suggest to my clients that they create a Feel Fabulous Fast Formula which I'll share on the blog next month.  Creating a unique plan to lift yourself up and stay connected with yourself at a deep level, is something I consider to be an essential practice in our frantic world.  However, we are all such unique souls that one size really does not fit all here. 

We very often do require or certainly do benefit from professional support to speed up this process.  I find a deep mindfulness process, twinned with powerful transformational coaching can get to the route incredibly quickly and is invariably the method I use, interspersed with others, to help my clients clear the way to their freedom and success. 

I'm privileged to witness time and time again how releasing the heavy layers no longer serving us makes way for so much time, energy, clarity, health and not surprisingly, weight loss.  How can we possibly feel at our best when we're holding onto limited beliefs, anxiety and other stories we aren't even consciously aware of?  We simply don't always know what we don't know! 

The good news is it's really not that complicated or painful to move through these limitations when you know how.  Sadly, most people don't do this regularly and hence find they suddenly reach crisis points in their life because so much stress has accumulated.  

Don't hesitate to check out the Energy Transformation Kickstart  if you would love some support to help you to clear, release and unblock energy drains so that you can find your freedom and hence love your LIFE ... UNLIMITED.   


Back to school, back to YOU


Back to school, back to YOU

A new school year. A fresh start. Don't you ever wish you could clear the slate and start again with the excited newness of what's to come? Out with the old, in with the new.  

As I saw my kids off to start their new school year this week I shared their new term mixed feelings.  Sadness that the endless summer holiday has drawn to a close and that an alarm need be set.  A sense of excitement of new beginnings. Mostly of hope, sprinkled with a touch of apprehension about the unknown. 

Then once they were off it was back to ME! The projects I've been excited to launch can finally regain momentum. 

So what's new for you with these September vibes?  Headspace to actually consider what's ahead?  Time to focus on a new work opportunity? A commitment to a new gym or eating routine?  Maybe even embracing an exciting new idea, to enable you to grow, dive deeper into your soul and allow you to feel the sense of fulfilment you've been seeking.  

Change and movement is life.  

Stagnant is restrictive, slow, dull.  

Sometimes it's very clear what we need and want to do. Other times not so much.  Or, we may have grand ideas but they just seem unrealistic or we don't know where to start.  So often we don't do anything.  We get stuck. Especially when we are time short or thoroughly exhausted.  

Are you clear what's the next thing for you? And are you sure that when you do / have / or feel this new 'thing' that it will give you the satisfaction you desire? 

If not it's worth checking in with yourself.  How well do you really know yourself and what will truly make you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled? Are you getting in your own way? Are you resisting change? These limitations aren't always conscious resistance.  

Sometimes it seems there really is no way out of the situation but actually, when you re-frame or are able to see things differently, there are possibilities galore. When in a frustrating or restricting situation, it might be worth asking yourself a few good questions such as...What might work?  How could I try doing this differently?  How do I want to feel about this?  Our answers can be rather revealing and from there it can be much easier to take inspired action than reminding ourselves that we 'don't know' or 'can't do'.   Just take one baby step forward at a time. 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Confucius

So I do hope this change of season goes well for you, your projects gain momentum and you feel exactly the way you desire! 

If you're not feeling so bright or clear right now, I'd be delighted to share with you how to get out of overwhelm and into clarity and flow.  I share the 3 best science and results based strategies that have enabled both myself and my high achieving clients to stay on top form most efficiently and effectively.  You can access the REFUEL mini video series to get you on the way to doing just that HERE ! 




How to have amazing energy 90% of the time


How to have amazing energy 90% of the time

If you’re anything like the modern 30+ something, chances are you may not be bursting with energy. You might have ‘just enough’ to get you through the day. But really, when did just enough become good enough?

When you have more than enough energy you:

  • jump out of bed in the morning so pumped for the day you can’t wait to get started

  • have plans in the diary that include activities other than work, sleep, eat and writing to do lists (again, so you can tick off the ones you did yesterday to make yourself feel like you are getting somewhere)

  • don’t shout at your kids, partner or anyone else within earshot...or want to (you like to hold it together publicly).

The energy slump could start anywhere. A difficult transition period at work or an overseas move. Lack of sleep due to a consistently disturbed night from your 5 year old or snoring partner. Lack of passion in your current role at work or in your business.

The problem is that when this surviving mode becomes the norm, other parts of our life start to suffer. Particularly our relationships.

So what’s going on and what to do about it?

Well the deep scientific answer about what’s going on is your hormones and a whole bunch of background hormonal processes that just happen (thanks amazing body!) without us having to tell it to do anything.

The more superficial answer is lengthy. You need more sleep. Exercise more. Eat better food. Be more mindful. Find your passion yada yada. We’ve heard it all before and kind of know there’s truth to all of that.

But when you haven’t got a great deal of time or energy (or patience) to start with, this sounds like a whole lot more to put on the to do list.

We are all bioindividuals that need unique solutions. So whilst the above may work for your best mate, you might need to do all the same things (or not) in a completely different order to get results that are both fast and lasting. So where ‘should’ you start?

I prefer to commence with where you shouldn’t start, because that’s a really quick answer. Google! This option makes it quite probable that you’ll google for hours, only to lose precious sleep, increase anxiety and due to perception bias, see only what you’re looking for.

The best place of all to start is to do nothing. For at least 10 minutes, every day, for a week. Preferably in the morning before your day begins and your head gets full of craziness. During this time of nothing you’ll breathe deeply and ask yourself questions like “What does my body need today?” “What does my soul need today?” “What’s the one thing I need to prioritise today?” Then you’ll listen. That’s it. You’ll get out of your head and get connected to your very knowing body, mind and soul.

Then what? You’ll take trusting action based on the answers you hear, not only your to do list. The human body and mind are incredible in their ability to tell us intuitively what we need. We are often our own best doctors, therapists and coaches. And whilst hiring all the aforementioned can be super valuable at times, learning the essential skills for ourselves is invaluable.

Our online Life Unlimited Mastermind is about to kick off and has energy as a central component.  It uses my unique and proven system to help busy, driven women feel more energised, happier and self-confident, from the inside out.  Do note, side effects may include losing weight, balancing hormones and finding crystal clear clarity about where you’re heading in life!  Find out all the details HERE.  



Time to clear out...

Wow here we are on the final  Friday of 2016!

As the year draws to an end it is so worth taking a moment (or day!) to celebrate all that 2016 has brought for you. Even the not so good stuff often has a blessing somewhere though we can't always see that at the time.

So take a few minutes, in the shower, with a notebook, or doing ya active thing with a walk / run or yoga to simple reflect on all that was 2016.

Consider, is there any 'clearing' to be done? By that I don't just mean tidying the house - though I do have a massive urge to physically tidy up today and hence will be doing so! Often we need to 'create space' for the new ideas and projects ahead. This can include headspace too, hence the emotional clearing comes in here, (that's a whole blog post!)

I know I've done a ton of emotional clearing this year hence it's time for the practical for me. How about you? It's all part of the reset for the New around the corner.

Would love to hear any celebrations and resets below.

Meanwhile wishing you a very celebration for 2017! 

Once you're done above, if you'd like some help to plan a successful, healthy and happy 2017 that doesn't involve 'resolutions' then you might like this mini training I hosted last night.  Pop your name in and I'll send you the replay here:…/


Is this the Secret of Successful Happy Women?


Is this the Secret of Successful Happy Women?

A few years ago I recall hearing about being in your 'feminine' power and not really embracing the idea.  Sounded a tad 'psychobabel' for my liking.

Fortunately, things change.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may already know that this year has been a rather full-on journey of development as I committed to a year-long high level coaching programme which is just drawing to a close.  It's revealed many things about myself and my business - which I did expect and hope for given the high level of investment. 

However, there's been a bonus I didn't expect - I've really come to bond with my feminine side!  

How's your feminine chick doing?  Is she ruling your behaviour or does she take the backseat?  Maybe you're not particularly sure...

I'll explain this in terms of archetypes, of which there are many.  An empowered woman may aspire to be in her 'Queen' archetype:  she's strong and yet caring, can lead yet knows when to step back, she will respond not react.  

I like this Queen woman ... she 'owns' her place in the world and is a great, yet gracious leader.  She's intuitive, kind, decisive, knows when to say no.  She's fierce and usually gets what she wants, but not at the expense of others.  She takes great care of herself and rules with both her head and her heart.  She asks for help as opposed to demanding it and because of this she receives it. 

Receiving.  That deserves a blog of it's own.  Next time.  For now, the power of the feminine energy...

I have to say I often mistook 'feminine' to mean flouncy, flowery, certainly not strong or aspirational to me.  But I've come to think differently as I realise I had been operating primarily in my 'male' energy for many years, for many reasons and it was no longer serving me. 

Sound familiar?  And if so what to do?! 


Well if this resonates with you at all, you might want to consider how your masculine and feminine 'energies' are balanced at the moment.  And just to clarify, whilst the queen archetype is clearly for the women, the female energy is actually applicable (albeit to a much lesser extent) in men too.

A big give-away is the ability to respond and not react.

  • A well-balanced woman will have the wisdom to always respond.  

  • She won't let herself get so exhausted that she snaps.

  • She's smart enough and self-aware enough to be able to step back and consider what's really going on before she takes things personally.

  • She isn't on an emotional rollercoaster because she doesn't get involved in unnecessary drama.

I could go on.  I think you get the idea.  

Anyway, particularly if you're fiercely independent (yep that was definitely me!), whilst this has it's strengths and has no doubt helped get you where you are today, you might want to tap into this feminine stuff as it can really help rocket you to your desired level of success/happiness, whatever is important to you.

Awareness that you may be operating heavily in your masculine energy is definitely the first stage, so by just acknowledging that there might be some exploring to do here is a great start. 

To take it further try journalling or visualising how your 'best' self would take care of the situation you find yourself in.  She holds many keys and a lot of freedom. 

The modern female leader does not need to do it all and burn out.  She operates in a much smarter, aware and feminine way.  Do not mistake this for weakness - she is very fierce indeed!   

Would love to hear your thoughts!  Do comment below :)

For more about how to live life as your 'best' self, do check out our 'Life Unlimited' Signature Coaching Programme to help keep you highly purposeful and energised.  It's totally bespoke to your needs and designed to help you feel fulfilment at a deep core level for sustained happiness and success.  The 'bonus' is that you can gain enormous health benefits too! You can check it out HERE.  >>