Hi, I'm Sally Dibden and I'm delighted that you're here!

As a Health, Life and High Performance Coach and Sports Physiotherapist, I help establish that your Body and Mind are in optimal form.  We work to enable you to not only excel, but to feel truly happy pursuing your full desires at work, home and play. 

So many of our concerns: Body, Mind and Soul, are totally entwined.  

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I passionately believe and have seen that whilst the results from treating isolated 'injury', 'mindset' and 'exhaustion' hindrances can be mediocre, the outcome from looking at your WHOLE health, lifestyle and mindset can be truly transformational.

It can also save you a whole lot of time, money and energy.

You have an amazing and complex body, full of systems which integrate to work in perfect harmony.  But this natural equilibrium can become upset.  



Maybe you are working to a gruelling schedule in a top job, busy multi-tasking and raising an awesome family or training for an elite sporting event.  Maybe all of the above.  Whatever your role, in this day and age if we are to truly excel, without sacrificing our bodies or selves, then there are some essentials to consider.  

With over 20 years experience in the field of health and sport, my skills are used to support you to do whatever you are passionate about and feel fulfilled.

You're driven to do what it takes to reach your goals and live more than a mediocre life. And you're pretty successful at it.  

You're a busy person. You have high expectations.  Is there any room for improvement? 

There often is.  

Frequently time poor, with a range of demands upon them, my clients expect a lot from themselves.  Given these demands and expectations, at certain times in their lives they often start to notice a few physical or mindset frustrations creeping in...

Back pain, headaches, burnout, stress, chronic injuries, digestive troubles, feeling a 'bit low' or even 'lost'...

Just a string of unrelated, 21st-century conditions that smart driven people have to live with if we're going to succeed and push ourselves to the limits right? Maybe. Maybe not... 

Are you starting to believe that you need to 'accept' that you just aren't getting any younger, this is just the way life is and these kind of things occur?  After all, most people you speak to these days seem to relate to at least a couple of the symptoms.  We're all under alot of pressure, so it's normal right?  

Common yes.  Normal?  Absolutely not.

The fact is, if we take the time and energy investing in ourselves, we perform better, are happier, and can better support those around us. Don't wait for a crisis to occur to take action. 

I love to bust the myths and explain how to achieve optimal levels of health and happiness with sustainable results.  I look at how your exercise, nutrition, mindset, emotions and hormones integrate to restore your body and minds natural equilibrium. We get you focused and motivated on an informed path.

My bespoke coaching and consulting programmes use a blend of scientifically proven Western methods alongside selected eastern and holistic methods which just make sense given their proven track record.  Being trained in both enables me to give my clients the balanced view they usually require.   

 In person coaching programmes is available in France, England or Switzerland.   Coaching via Skype is available worldwide wherever you have an internet connection. Do take a look:

Private 1:1 Coaching

                                                                  Enjoy the energy, health and mindset to achieve the seemingly impossible,                                                                                                              .....without sacrifice or burnout

                                                                  Enjoy the energy, health and mindset to achieve the seemingly impossible,

                                                                                                            .....without sacrifice or burnout

Other services offered in Geneva, Switzerland and Chamonix, Les Gets and Messery, France


Healthy, happy employees create a High Performing Business              Happy, healthy parents create the next generation

Healthy, happy employees create a High Performing Business

            Happy, healthy parents create the next generation

Struggling with pain or injury?     

Struggling with pain or injury?  


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