Wow here we are on the final  Friday of 2016!

As the year draws to an end it is so worth taking a moment (or day!) to celebrate all that 2016 has brought for you. Even the not so good stuff often has a blessing somewhere though we can't always see that at the time.

So take a few minutes, in the shower, with a notebook, or doing ya active thing with a walk / run or yoga to simple reflect on all that was 2016.

Consider, is there any 'clearing' to be done? By that I don't just mean tidying the house - though I do have a massive urge to physically tidy up today and hence will be doing so! Often we need to 'create space' for the new ideas and projects ahead. This can include headspace too, hence the emotional clearing comes in here, (that's a whole blog post!)

I know I've done a ton of emotional clearing this year hence it's time for the practical for me. How about you? It's all part of the reset for the New around the corner.

Would love to hear any celebrations and resets below.

Meanwhile wishing you a very celebration for 2017! 

Once you're done above, if you'd like some help to plan a successful, healthy and happy 2017 that doesn't involve 'resolutions' then you might like this mini training I hosted last night.  Pop your name in and I'll send you the replay here:…/