If you’re anything like the modern 30+ something, chances are you may not be bursting with energy. You might have ‘just enough’ to get you through the day. But really, when did just enough become good enough?

When you have more than enough energy you:

  • jump out of bed in the morning so pumped for the day you can’t wait to get started

  • have plans in the diary that include activities other than work, sleep, eat and writing to do lists (again, so you can tick off the ones you did yesterday to make yourself feel like you are getting somewhere)

  • don’t shout at your kids, partner or anyone else within earshot...or want to (you like to hold it together publicly).

The energy slump could start anywhere. A difficult transition period at work or an overseas move. Lack of sleep due to a consistently disturbed night from your 5 year old or snoring partner. Lack of passion in your current role at work or in your business.

The problem is that when this surviving mode becomes the norm, other parts of our life start to suffer. Particularly our relationships.

So what’s going on and what to do about it?

Well the deep scientific answer about what’s going on is your hormones and a whole bunch of background hormonal processes that just happen (thanks amazing body!) without us having to tell it to do anything.

The more superficial answer is lengthy. You need more sleep. Exercise more. Eat better food. Be more mindful. Find your passion yada yada. We’ve heard it all before and kind of know there’s truth to all of that.

But when you haven’t got a great deal of time or energy (or patience) to start with, this sounds like a whole lot more to put on the to do list.

We are all bioindividuals that need unique solutions. So whilst the above may work for your best mate, you might need to do all the same things (or not) in a completely different order to get results that are both fast and lasting. So where ‘should’ you start?

I prefer to commence with where you shouldn’t start, because that’s a really quick answer. Google! This option makes it quite probable that you’ll google for hours, only to lose precious sleep, increase anxiety and due to perception bias, see only what you’re looking for.

The best place of all to start is to do nothing. For at least 10 minutes, every day, for a week. Preferably in the morning before your day begins and your head gets full of craziness. During this time of nothing you’ll breathe deeply and ask yourself questions like “What does my body need today?” “What does my soul need today?” “What’s the one thing I need to prioritise today?” Then you’ll listen. That’s it. You’ll get out of your head and get connected to your very knowing body, mind and soul.

Then what? You’ll take trusting action based on the answers you hear, not only your to do list. The human body and mind are incredible in their ability to tell us intuitively what we need. We are often our own best doctors, therapists and coaches. And whilst hiring all the aforementioned can be super valuable at times, learning the essential skills for ourselves is invaluable.

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