A few years ago I recall hearing about being in your 'feminine' power and not really embracing the idea.  Sounded a tad 'psychobabel' for my liking.

Fortunately, things change.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may already know that this year has been a rather full-on journey of development as I committed to a year-long high level coaching programme which is just drawing to a close.  It's revealed many things about myself and my business - which I did expect and hope for given the high level of investment. 

However, there's been a bonus I didn't expect - I've really come to bond with my feminine side!  

How's your feminine chick doing?  Is she ruling your behaviour or does she take the backseat?  Maybe you're not particularly sure...

I'll explain this in terms of archetypes, of which there are many.  An empowered woman may aspire to be in her 'Queen' archetype:  she's strong and yet caring, can lead yet knows when to step back, she will respond not react.  

I like this Queen woman ... she 'owns' her place in the world and is a great, yet gracious leader.  She's intuitive, kind, decisive, knows when to say no.  She's fierce and usually gets what she wants, but not at the expense of others.  She takes great care of herself and rules with both her head and her heart.  She asks for help as opposed to demanding it and because of this she receives it. 

Receiving.  That deserves a blog of it's own.  Next time.  For now, the power of the feminine energy...

I have to say I often mistook 'feminine' to mean flouncy, flowery, certainly not strong or aspirational to me.  But I've come to think differently as I realise I had been operating primarily in my 'male' energy for many years, for many reasons and it was no longer serving me. 

Sound familiar?  And if so what to do?! 


Well if this resonates with you at all, you might want to consider how your masculine and feminine 'energies' are balanced at the moment.  And just to clarify, whilst the queen archetype is clearly for the women, the female energy is actually applicable (albeit to a much lesser extent) in men too.

A big give-away is the ability to respond and not react.

  • A well-balanced woman will have the wisdom to always respond.  

  • She won't let herself get so exhausted that she snaps.

  • She's smart enough and self-aware enough to be able to step back and consider what's really going on before she takes things personally.

  • She isn't on an emotional rollercoaster because she doesn't get involved in unnecessary drama.

I could go on.  I think you get the idea.  

Anyway, particularly if you're fiercely independent (yep that was definitely me!), whilst this has it's strengths and has no doubt helped get you where you are today, you might want to tap into this feminine stuff as it can really help rocket you to your desired level of success/happiness, whatever is important to you.

Awareness that you may be operating heavily in your masculine energy is definitely the first stage, so by just acknowledging that there might be some exploring to do here is a great start. 

To take it further try journalling or visualising how your 'best' self would take care of the situation you find yourself in.  She holds many keys and a lot of freedom. 

The modern female leader does not need to do it all and burn out.  She operates in a much smarter, aware and feminine way.  Do not mistake this for weakness - she is very fierce indeed!   

Would love to hear your thoughts!  Do comment below :)

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