Fast track to your Strong, Energised Body and Clear, Focused Mind


You'd like support NOW, to kickstart your health, energy and life.

So that you can get on achieving everything you want to and feeling the way you want to feel. 

You'd like a plan you can stick to and to blast through anything that's been holding you back.

You have dreams and aspirations. You're driven to do what it takes to reach your goals and live more than a mediocre life. And you're pretty successful at it.  

You have high expectations.  Is there any room for improvement ? 

There often is.  

How you eat, sleep, think, train, recover, work, it's all related.  Often these areas are misunderstood or considered separately producing limited results.   

Life in this busy world can be chaotic and confusing.  Be awesome at your work, excel as a parent, retain great health and fitness, enjoy fabulous relationships, keep a beautiful home, eat nutritious food, have time and energy to get outdoors AND maintain a sense of yourself.  

Deep breath.  

It's a lot to expect from anyone.  

Do you ever wonder if you expect a bit too much of yourself? 

I've had the privilege of working with and specialising in supporting many highly intelligent men, women and their families over the last 7 years, and noticed several trends.  Many of these driven people are struggling.  They are determined to be brilliant at their work or as parents, there is no doubt about that.  To the outside world it indeed appears that they excel at anything they put their mind to.  But their bodies, their health and their 'self' is paying a high price.  The constant stress, demands and expectations start to take their toll and problems start to creep up on them.  There can seem to be a conflict of interest in what's right for them vs what's right for those around them.   

There then often develops a sense that despite 'having everything', something isn't fulfilling or working for them.

You may be experiencing any number of the following:

  • Almost constant stress or anxiety, have difficulty relaxing.

  • Exhaustion.  It's really not easy to get out of bed some days. 

  • Pain (especially back pain or headaches), recurrent injuries, slower recovery time or vague aches and pains.

  • Been trying for ages to lose weight, without much success. You're a bit confused how to exercise, as despite trying your best you aren't getting the results you want anymore.  It's getting frustrating that your body just isn't how it used to be. The tummy just isn't the same and other bits just won't firm up.

  • Not sure exactly what to eat, how to combine food or what to feed your family for the best.

  • rollercoaster of emotions, affected by PMS / anxiety / mood swings / depression or other hormone related issues.

  • A 'brain fog'.  You forget things and often feel overwhelmed as to where to start with life's to do list.

  • Feeling guilt about taking time for you to exercise or meet friends when there's always so much other 'stuff' to do.

  • Dissatisfaction in your job or role as a stay-at-home mum, but lack of clarity what to do next.

  • Reliance on medication, alcohol, sugar, caffeine or cigarettes.  You've tried several times to cut back, but it's really not that easy.

  • Relationship issues with children, partner or other close relationships.

  • Find that your children test your patience far more than you would like and find it difficult to keep your calm.  You get drawn into their drama and issues.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  It's exhausting, isn't it? 

I've designed a programme using a unique blend of my skills as a life and health coach, physiotherapist and pilates instructor, to help put in place the real essentials regarding both your physical and mental wellbeing.  


Start getting in tune with what you and your body really need to stay happy, healthy and fulfilled.  

Many programmes fail because they miss out important elements or aren't uniquely designed for YOU.


We will educate and motivate as you take the first steps, with the benefit of a tested, healthy and sustainable knowledge base which will enable you to succeed this time.  I will help you to start to really understand and feel what's going on, so that you can set realistic goals that suit your needs.

No strange diets.  No fads that won't work.  Just pure, up-to-date knowledge and expertise that will produce long-term results.  This could benefit not only you, but your entire family.  Let's help life run more smoothly, reduce the stress and have more time for the fun things.

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything"

— Arabic proverb

3 hour Accelerator 

For a Strong, Energised Body & Clear FOCUSED mind

This private intensive coaching is totally designed around your individual and unique needs to help you Thrive at work, home and play

Whilst the day is totally bespoke for you, common topics we may visit are: 

BODY works

  • Full physical assessment and hands on therapy if required for specific 'blocks' or pain (in person only / modified for SKYPE)
  • Nutritional needs and rhythm essentials
  • Exercise and fitness myths and efficiency (eg. Pelvic Floor, Pilates, High Intensity Training, Stretching)
  • Children's health and wellbeing
  • Hormone control essentials


  • Clarifying goals and desires and creating an Action Plan
  • Connecting with your purpose in Life
  • Stress management and coping strategies 
  • Life transitions / decision making
  • Conscious Parenting - understanding the needs of your children
  • Mindset and beliefs
  • Connecting with your intuition, mindfulness and meditation 


  • Time management / setting boundaries /  organisational tips.  You're rather time short these days
  • Coping strategies regarding change of role eg. transitioning to a stay-at-home Mum, back to work to a full-time working Mum or looking for work that is more fulfilling   
  • Career Transition and building your own business
  • Wealth Consciousness (I'll expain more!  It's often intrinsic to your wellbeing)
  • Navigating challenging relationships
  • Raising of  self-esteem and confidence


You will also benefit from:

- Reading recommendations / resources

- Access to our Facebook Forum or Facebook Page

 - Access to my newsletter with my top tips for health, happiness and fulfilment

- Understanding the myths which I see on a daily basis.  Myths which waste time and make exercise and your overall quest for optimal health and wellbeing inefficient

- Accountability to do this.  To prioritise yourself.  The putting on of  YOUR oxygen mask first so you are best able to support those around you

- A powerful process of  teaching / coaching and practical exercises, to get on the road to you feeling empowered.  You will start to understand your body and mind and feel that you are in control


pREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS have benefitted from:    

  • Increased energy
  • Increased body confidence: eg. improved tone of stomach, increased control of pelvic floor, acceptance of their fabulousness! 
  • Decreased pain (especially back, neck and headaches)
  • Decreased anxiety or stress levels
  • Decreased dependence on medication / comfort eating / sugar / alcohol / cigarettes
  • Weight loss
  • Increased clarity regarding life and direction
  • Increased confidence regarding what to eat and what to feed their children
  • Precise knowledge of exactly how to exercise for their body's needs
  • A sense of calm and fulfilment and the ability to be 'present' in the now
  • Improved ability to make decisions, increased patience with children
  • Decreased PMT and other hormone related symptoms
  • Razor sharp clarity about their desires, career / family / future and how to live 'on purpose'


This programme will educate, motivate and support you as you take the first steps with the benefit of a healthy and sustainable knowledge base, without feeling that you need to read every new health, performance or life-changing book on the planet.  I will enable you to succeed this time and to start to really understand and feel what's going on, so you can set realistic goals that suit your body's needs.


No strange diets.  No fads that won't work.  Just pure, up-to-date knowledge and expertise that will produce long-term results.  This could benefit not only you, but your entire family.  Let's help life run more smoothly, reduce the stress and have time for the fun things.

Who am I ? 

I'm Sally Dibden, the founder of  The Wellbeing Consultants which combines my Life and Health Coaching, Physiotherapy and Pilates work.  Alongside this, I  juggle the needs of my husband, 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter.   It's a constant work in progress to ensure that my life is actually in line with my needs.  These days I may look like I've got my act together, but just a few short years ago I was having a health crisis, career crisis, age crisis, relationship crisis, you name it, it all seemed to come together!  Had I had acted a little earlier, it really needn't have been such dramatic a wake-up call.  

Taking the time out to check that life is as I would like it to be is hugely important to me.   Having worked in health and having studied many methods over the last 20 years (with a fair share of challenges along the way), I have learnt that it's vital to feel healthy and fulfilled myself if I'm to be fully equipped to raise a happy family.


I've done the courses and the reading, and seen what works consistently so you don't have to make the same mistakes.  

Originally trained as a physiotherapist, I've ALWAYS believed that prevention is better than the cure.  The reality is that people often wait until they are in some kind of pain to take action.  These days I don't.  I'm a self confessed coach junkie now and wouldn't have been without the wonderful health professionals and coaches who've helped me on my way.  It's been an investment in terms of time and money for sure, but the liberation of having a healthy body and mind, living happily and 'on purpose' has been worth every penny for me and my family.  Plus, learning about this stuff happens to be my passion so I just can't help myself ! 

I'm an outdoors kind of girl so love to pop up the mountains to ski in winter or down to the lake to walk, jog or paddle board in the summer.  Fortunately we live between the two, by Lake Geneva at the foot of the French Alps.  


In an ideal world I believe EVERYONE would be taught and supported with thIS STUFF ! I sincerely wish that I had received the SUPPORT & guidance I can now provide during the later years of school.

How Does The Programme Work ? 


We organise a complimentary 30 minute chat via phone or skype to check we are a great fit to work together.


Once the decision to work together is made we can get started right away.  You will be sent a Welcome Pack - a questionnaire which in itself is thought provoking.

This is where the experience begins.  We will start to get really clear on where your current health, happiness and levels of fulfillment are and how you desire to move forward.  


We organise a day dedicated to you. A proposed schedule:

10am Meet via Skype or In Person (at my therapy rooms or a semi-private location in Messery, France or Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Full assessment and discussion to establish where you are at with your overall level of Health and Wellbeing
  • Setting of goals and desires
  • Creation of a crystal clear and totally realistic Action Plan

11.00 Coaching on priorities

12.30 Lunch together (if in person and desired)  

13.30 Coaching on priorities

14.45 Wrap up with clear action plan.

15.30 Plan in hand, you leave focused, refreshed and revived ! 



A follow up 1 hour skype call to check in with establish if you're sustaining the progress and continuing to move forward towards the results you desire.

Lovely words from lovely ladies... 

Thank goodness for Sally's holistic approach, compassionate manner and natural intuitiveness.  Being the over-energetic type, I was desperate to leap up and pick up where I had left off - a busy, working mother-of-three constantly in a rush and forever short of time.  Yet with extraordinary subtlety, tact and grace, Sally eased me back to good health.  Wonderfully informal, friendly sessions addressed everything from nutrition, breathing and exercise to inner wellbeing, mindfulness, stress control, relaxation and the enormous benefit of making time for oneself.  I play tennis.  I run.  I kayak.  I do everything I used to do and more.  Of course I regret rushing around that day and making that fateful leap down the short staircase at my daughter's school.  But I can truthfully say that thanks to Sally's unsurpassable knowledge, skill and intuition, I am in a healthier and happier position than I was pre-injury.
Nicola Williams, Travel Writer & Mum of 3, near Geneva
Sally was recommended to me by a friend and I was very impressed with how highly skilled she is in all aspects of health and wellbeing, not just physiotherapy.  Sally helped me with challenges I was facing with life...not huge challenges but ones that were preventing me from moving forward.  Finally, after 2 1/2 years I got to Sally's pilates class...I wish I had gone sooner!  I found her to be very calm and intuitive to every person in the class.  I like the fact that she walks the room to ensure that everyone is doing the poses correctly and adjust us if needed.  I feel safe and listened to in these classes.  I highly recommend Sally for anyone interested in living an energetic life with a work/life balance.  With her talks and advice I have used these tools to climb to 5,500 metres in Nepal and also walk to the Base of Mount Everest.  Thank you Sally !
Helen Gregan, Adventurer & Mum of 2, New Zealand
I really wanted to especially thank you for this morning. It was a great session for me and I really appreciated being able to open up to you. You are a very smart and caring lady and you are doing an amazing job, so again THANK YOU!
Jo*, Project Manager & Mum of  2, Geneva

Meeting with Sally has definitely been a starting point to many new things in my life.  Thanks to her I understand and respect the profession of coaching alot better.  She adapted to my needs, offering guidance and appropriate exercises to work on.  She is very approachable, intuitive to one's feelings and easy to talk to.  Her advice has helped me to gain alot of insight into my personal situation and goals, and she has left me with many exercises and thoughts that I will keep working with and incorporate into my daily life.  I highly recommend you branch out and meet with her.  Thank you!

Megan*, Teacher & Surfer, Geneva




It is my passionate belief and experience that when Women look after themselves unapologetically, they become the confident, healthy, happy and SUCcessful VERSION OF THEMSELVES.  

They also feel fulfilled and satisfied that they're the role model that they desire TO BE for those they influence. 




Receive the support YOU need to...

  • Make a personalised holistic health and wellbeing plan, to help you become completely energised and fulfilled with sustainable results.  
  • Address the most common pitfalls to staying vibrant.
  • Be really clear where your current way of living needs tweaking and how to tweak it efficiently for YOU. 
  • Find practical ways of introducing your body to what it NEEDS.
  • Ensure you have the energy, health and skills be the parent you want to be.

You may already have lots of great ideas about what you would like to do, but deep down you know you lack the energy, health, knowledge or clarity to follow them through.  The accountability of having a coach along with the wisdom of an experienced health professional on your team can be hugely powerful.  


This could be the year that you feel healthy, radiant and purposeful.  That you're confident in your ability, body AND mind.  When we're in this state great things tend to follow...let's create the plan that makes those things happen. 


No doubt you're busy, I don't want to waste your time.  I will only ever work with those I feel genuinely able to support.  I offer a complimentary 15 minute call to discuss if this programme could be the right course of action for you.  


I would be delighted to explore this possibility with you !



250 €uros

Want to know more about how a coach can help me ? - do click here

  Using a wealth of tools to enable you to get back on track if you've derailed, or assisting you to feel totally empowered regarding your life and your goals, I can help. Do you want to get out of physical and emotional pain ?  Find your unique purpose in the world ?  Lose weight ? Get fitter ? For you to perform at your optimum level and feel happy, you need to really feel great from the inside out.   

I passionately believe that every one of us has a purpose in life.  If you think I may be able to help you connect or rediscover yours, then let's talk.

Not sure if this programme is the right move for you ? Let's pop on a complimentary call to discuss.

I would be delighted to connect with you ! 

"Dreams only work if you do"

 -  Anonymous

*the names on these 2 testimonials were changed to protect the ladies identities