Friday 8th March brings International Women's Day 2019.

An opportunity to consider how women are treated and our roles in the modern world. Despite the amazing opportunities we have as women, certainly in the western world, there is clearly still much balancing to be done. Indeed this year's theme is "Better the balance, better the world".

So bringing it to a micro level, ie.YOU, I wonder, how 'balanced' do you feel? 

Do you feel that life, work, health and relationships are all nicely balanced the way you desire in terms of time, energy and money?
That the daily chores are equally divided between you and your partner? 
That you're seen and heard equally to the men you're surrounded by at work? 

Or, are you torn in many directions? Being many things to many people and responsibilities. Often feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

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Women ARE of course capable of doing anything and everything. 
BUT, we have a breaking point. And believe me, reaching that breaking point can be really really messy. Often involving sick leave, accidents, hospital admissions and lengthy rehabilitiation.

Hence why my mission is to create a generation of leaders and achievers who consistently THRIVE.

Who refuse to live on the brink of crisis. Who have fuel for themselves and those around them. And actually in doing so inspire those around them to do the same. Because teaching our next generation to exist in a highly stressed state is neither healthy nor sustainable.

The Dalai Lama once said "The World will be saved by Western Women".

I happen to agree with his vision.

Women have so much to offer - to their communities, work, kids and the next generation. However it won't be through exhaustion, burnout and anxiety that women can show up as their most radiant, creative and capable selves. 

Hence why I have a special International Women's Day gift for you!

If you're:

  • A women 

  • Driven to make a change in the world - whether that be through being the best parent you can, working on purposeful projects eg. partaking in charity work or work in an NGO, or are in a service based profession such as teaching / medicine / environmental work etc 

  • Have never had a complimentary coaching session with me

    then as my offering to support this years campaign, I would love to offer you a totally free, no strings attached, online coaching session to discuss ANYTHING that would help you THRIVE!

Topics often worked through in coaching and consulting sessions include:

  • energy releasing of draining emotions, relationships or memories

  • optimising nutrition and exercise for healthy hormones

  • learning and prioritising tools for managing anxiety and stress during challenging times

  • time management strategies

All designed to help optimise your health, happiness and performance and bring a sense of control despite having so much on your plate. I work holistically with the WHOLE you, because that’s how you get the quickest outcomes.

I have 5 of these slots available and they'll be issued on a first come first served basis over the next 10 days, starting tomorrow.  If there’s a slot free in the calendar below, you’re in luck, simply follow the process and book in!

Much of my work is with driven women and leaders who have missions to make changes in the world. They usually reach out at crisis point when they realise that they have started to sacrifice their own health or happiness for work or those around them. 

The good news is they don't have to. There IS another way.

In my experience, once women 'better their balance' in their own life FIRST and optimise their own health, sanity and energy, they then have the capacity to better impact those around them either at work or as a parent.

Invariably after even 1 session together we start to shift with the primary changes that make the biggest difference to their health, happiness and missions. Changes that help them to show up as the best version of themselves, more often.

Please don't feel you have to be in crisis to reach out. It's my mission to shift human behaviour to reach out BEFORE the crisis! However should you feel this isn't for you, do feel free to donate your gift to a female friend or relative who could do with some support. 

Meanwhile I'm sure you doing a fabulous job at being an inspiring women so do take a moment to celebrate yourself!  

With love and light


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Photo credit Philipa Daria Photography