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Private Intensives


Private Intensives

 Fast track to your Energised Body, Focused Mind



You'd like support NOW, to kickstart your sense of purpose, energy or success.

So that you can get on achieving everything you want to, living the way you desire AND feeling calm, balanced, focused and happy.

You'd like a plan you can stick to and to blast through anything that's been holding you back.

Are you a busy, ambitious soul who loves to

live life to the full with great energy, passion and purpose ? 


Be awesome at your work, excel as a parent, retain great health and fitness, enjoy fabulous relationships, pay the mortgage, keep a beautiful home, have time and energy to get outdoors, travel AND maintain a sense of yourself.  

You have high reaching goals.  There's no time to slow down. 

But let's just take a deep breath. 

That's a lot to expect from anyone. 



Hello there!

I'm Sally Dibden and I'm delighted you've found me here...


Hello there!

I'm Sally Dibden and I'm delighted you've found me here...


I support very busy dynamic leaders to stay at the top of their game; professionals, entrepreneurs, awesome mothers, it doesn't matter exactly who or what you lead.  

You desire to feel healthy, happy and yet purposeful and successful at what you give your attention to.  You know self sacrifice is not the solution.  

You inspire by your lead.  

Ready to feel at the top of your game ? 

Now on the outside it may look like you really are on 'top of your game' and indeed ‘have it all’.  The health, wealth and lifestyle by any reasonable standards. 

Thing is you have high standards.  Occasional perfectionist tendencies even?  You want the absolute best for you and those around you. 

At times, life can seem like things suddenly come crashing down upon you, showing up as a health, life or business crisis.  Even burn out. 

Actually, if we look behind the scenes it's rarely quite so sudden...


  • Are you busy (like crazy busy)?   You have a to-do list as long as your arm, it’s hard to know where to start some days.   Do you find yourself consistently time-short, stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted? 

  • Is your health or fitness suffering?  You know your physical health doesn't get the attention it deserves.  Your body may be starting to let you down with seemingly unrelated ailments such as headaches, backache, mood swings, PMT, anxiety or recurrent illness.   

  • Is your body confidence suffering?  Changes you don't like, such as increased weight or an untoned, bloated tummy?  There are skinny jeans you'd love to wear, but find yourself hiding beneath bad fitting ones since kids have come along.   You're really not as energetic or as fit as you'd like to be. 

  • Do you ever get frustrated because you know how highly capable you are and yet you just don’t feel on top of your game?   You love to 'grow', but right now you feel like you're running to stay still, never mind expanding and challenging that active body and mind of yours.  You feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied

Even your relationships and self-confidence are feeling the strain.

Essentially, inside, you know something is ‘off’.   

You’re a smart cookie and you know something has to change.  But what ? 

life was all you desired it to be, and more... (13).png






























Optimise... BODY, MIND& SOUL







Optimise... BODY, MIND& SOUL







I get it.  I've worked with enough athletes desiring the best results they can; high flying professionals and entreprenneurs who are burnt out or overwhelmed; along with working, juggling, parents; to notice the patterns.  

I've also been there, not so long ago.  Having been super fit in my twenties: competing in snowboarding and enjoying any extreme sport or challenge I could find the time for,  I gradually didn't feel quite so invincible after having my children.  I was frustrated that my body wasn't able to just get on with anything.  I also found that as I poured all my energy into those around me, particularly my children and their health challenges, my desires were gradually totally suppressed.  

Forever in a rush, my stress levels grew.  Exhausted and overwhelmed, I feared I may never return to the body and energy levels I desired to do all the things I love.  You can read more about my story HERE

Once I stopped, reconsidered and got the best support available, I began to not only feel much better, but was able to enjoy and perform in all areas of my life in a much more efficient way.   I was also a MUCH better parent for it. 

When we consider our body, mind and life together, as an integrated system, we produce efficient and expansive results throughout every area of our lives.

I am passionate about helping you optimise your health, happiness and success.


A Private Intensive

All about YOU.





A Private Intensive

All about YOU.





Our time together will be bespoke for your needs

This private coaching programme is an opportunity to get focused, professional attention on YOU so you can optimise your sense of fulfilment.  Your Health, Happiness and Success. 

Your needs.  Your desires.

In this intensive session we pull out the main areas, usually around 3,  that are the highest priority to get you the results you desire and need.  Each pillar is individually tailored to meet you exactly where you're at and integrates the vital and essential elements of your body, mind and soul.

It is particularly for driven, motivated people who want support, insight and practical tools to keep them feeling on top form.   

Your Private Intensive will be designed to help you achieve the transformation you desire in one area of your life in the shortest amount of time possible.

My unique 3-pillar system  encompasses health, happiness and high performance coaching and consulting.   It combines over 20 years experience to offer both powerful and transformative results.


How Does the Programme Work ?

How Does the Programme Work ?


We organise a complimentary 30 minute chat via phone or skype to check we are a great fit to work together.


LET's BEGIN! Once the decision to work together is made we can get started right away.  You will be sent a questionnaire which in itself is thought provoking.

This is where the experience begins.  We will start to get really clear on where your current priorities: Do you know your purpose? Know it but are off track and want support to course correct? No idea but know something has to change? Fulfillment across your health, career, family, relationships, it's all entwinned. 


WHERE?  Your 90 Minute,  3 Hour or Full Day Private Intensive Session can be completed at any time through out the year via Skype in the comfort of your own home.  

On certain dates In Person Intensives can be held in various beautiful locations in the France Alps (Chamonix, Les Gets & Megeve), by Lake Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland & Yvoire, France) or England (London, & The Midlands).   

Bespoke prices for day or in person intensives discussed upon application as they're made according to exact requirements.  


Skype Intensives

RESULTS that previous clients have experienced...  

The Emotional...

  • Increased energy - like a brand new lease on life.
  • Increased freedom - by letting go of old stories or beliefs holding them back. 
  • Forgiving others for deeper issues -  releasing themselves in the process. 
  • Increased clarity regarding life and desires, in terms of career / family / future and how to live 'on purpose'.
  • Increased resilience - no longer falling ill or injured at the first sign of winter or stress.
  • A much heightened awareness and understanding of how to get the best out of themselves.
  • A sense of control.  That their life is on track.
  • Decreased anxiety or stress levels.
  • Decreased dependence on medication / comfort eating / sugar / alcohol / cigarettes.
  • Increased confidence in themselves and making great decisions for their body and mind and hence, life.
  • A sense of calm and fulfilment; the ability to be present in the 'now' instead of incessant worry over the future or spinning over the past.
  • Improved ability to make decisions, increased patience with children.

The Physical...

  • A full knowledge of what to eat for their body's needs and optimal performance.
  • Increased understanding of exercise: body strength, confidence, endurance and ability eg. improved tone of stomach, increased control of pelvic floor; all contributing to a flatter stomach, better performance in sporting events, resolved and decreased risk of injuries.
  • Weight loss.
  • Decreased pain (especially back, neck, headaches and those niggly injuries).
  • Decreased PMT and other hormone-related symptoms.

Don't take my word for it, here's what a few of my fabulous recent clients had to say...


Sally has an unbelievable knack of getting to the heart of what’s really going on with me.  Every time I have a session I come away from it lighter, happier and clearer.  She’s such an excellent coach who gently explores what’s really going on and what steps I need to take to start feeling more balanced again.  Sally has helped me integrate more life into my lifestyle business and I am so grateful to have her as part of my support team on this journey.  When my energy has let me down Sally is always around with a strategy to get me firing on all cylinders again! 

Jo Bendle, Productivity Coach and Mentor


Thank goodness for Sally's holistic approach, compassionate manner and natural intuitiveness.  I can truthfully say that thanks to Sally's unsurpassable knowledge, skill and intuition, I am in a healthier and happier position than pre-injury.


Nicola Williams, Travel Writer & Mum of 3


I went to see Sally for my migraines, digestion and weight problems.  Sally helped me step by step to bring changes to my diet and lifestyle and I very quickly began to feel lighter, more energised, more positive and happier!  And all this quite effortlessly because the changes Sally suggested are really adapted to me.  Thank you Sally!

Cathy Stalder, Actress and Teacher & Mum of 2


Life changing ... Sally is Gods voice guiding you: mind, body and spirit to the fullness of self and of life and love.  I have been greatly blessed to share and be guided.   Thank you thank you thank you!!! 

Chidiogo Akunyili,  Community Lead, Global Shapers, Africa, World Economic Forum, Geneva




It is my passionate belief and experience that when Dynamic driven individuals invest the time, energy and support to feel their healthiest, happiest selves, their most successful self appears.  

They also feel fulfilled and satisfied that they are living life the way they desire and are the role model they wish TO BE for those they influence. 


Receive the support YOU need to...

  • Make a personalised life / health / business plan to enable you to become completely energised and fulfilled with SUSTAINABLE  results. 
  • Address the most common pitfalls to staying vibrant and eliminate your energy drains. 
  • Be really clear where your current way of living needs tweaking and how to tweak it efficiently for YOU. 
  • Find practical ways of introducing your body, mind and soul to what it NEEDS.
  • Ensure you have the energy, lifestyle and mindset to be the business woman / parent / partner (you decide) you want to be.

You may already have lots of great ideas about what you would like to do, but deep down you know you lack the energy, health, knowledge or clarity to follow them through.  The accountability of having a coach along with the wisdom of an experienced health professional on your team can be hugely powerful.  


This could be the year that you feel healthy, radiant and purposeful.  That you're confident in your ability, body AND mind.  When we're in this state great things tend to follow...let's create the plan that makes those things happen! 

No doubt you're busy, I don't want to waste your time.  I will only ever work with those I feel genuinely able to support.  I offer a complimentary 30 minute call to discover if this programme could be the right course of action for you.  



1.  I'm not sure this programme is for me, parts of it speak to me, I don't actually have any current health challenges so I'm not clear if I would benefit ? 

A: It's tricky to put into words how a coach can support you.  My advice is if you're at all interested then something has connected with you. I see health as the platform from which to live your full life - I use the term health to describe a healthy body, mind and soul.  I help support my clients with their goals across all areas of life and help ensure that they'll be happy and healthy when they achieve them, otherwise what's the point ? The best way to decide is to connect via e-mail or jump on a call together.  That's how we discover what support you're looking for and if we're a good fit. 

2. It sounds great but I'm already exhausted / overwhelmed / busy and don't feel I can cope with anything else... 

I hear you ! We would start by helping reset your life / health to clear the space for the energy you need to progress forward in the way you desire.   I use the term 'energy' to describe your physical, emotional and even spiritual energy.  For example, you might be feeling fine physically which is great.  However you may feel you get tossed around on a rollercoaster if there are any emotional upsets going on around you.  You know that if you where more resilient to these situations then you wouldn't feel so emotionally drained.   I'm here to help guide you to CONSISTENTLY high energy across the various areas of your life so you can enjoy it, all of it.

3. I have to admit I've no idea what 'coaching' really is or if I 'need' it ?!

My bespoke coaching and consulting programmes use a blend of scientifically proven western methods alongside selected eastern and holistic methods which just make sense given their proven track record.  Being trained in both enables me to give my clients the balanced view they usually require.   I use a very integrated body and mind approach, I passionately believe and have found to be true that the two cannot be separated.  I can help with any 'healing' which may need to be done AND progress towards the desired outcome - albeit in your life, health or business. 

Coaching is often a 'want' more than a 'need'.  Whilst we 'need' to eat food,  we 'want' to sometimes eat out at a great restaurant for a change in our experiences. It's not like going to the doctors when you really feel you have to have reached a crisis point for it to be beneficial.  It's empowering because you CHOOSE to do it, very consciously.  You're choosing to uplevel.   You're choosing to believe in YOURSELF and get the support YOU deserve to be the best you can.  I help my clients attain the results they want in the most rapid timeframe possible.