New Year Alpine Retreat

Friday january 17th - Sunday 19th JANUARY, 2020

Les Houches, Chamonix vallée, FRENCH ALPS


GAIN THE CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and wisdom required to not only accomplish your 2020 goals, but to FEEL consistently motivated and fabulous, way past January!

Nestled away in a cosy Mountain Chalet Hotel, you have space to breathe.

No-one else to be responsible for, but yourself. No meals to prepare or day to organise.

Surrounded by the stunning scenery and the majestic Mont Blanc, your only focus is you.


Immersed in nature and beautiful surroundings, you reconnect, feel fully present and ready to receive.

Over our time together you will receive the Coaching, guidance and experience required to…

  • Discover what it means for you to truly SHINE as the most awesome version of you. Whether that’s professionally as a female leader in a male dominant environment, as a business owner with a big vision to create, or as the CEO of your personal life and family.

  • Uncover what you’re truly meant for during the year, so you can feel purposeful and take confident action

  • Become deeply connected to your intuition, so that you create your priority projects from an aligned place to enable you to feel decisive, focused and on track

  • Up-level to the best version of you - in relationships, health, wealth, mindset or confidence.

  • Enjoy healthy food and incorporate healthy habits with ease, so you feel energised - the fundamental essential to accomplishing anything!

You will come away with your bespoke plan and specific action steps to sustain your success, health and happiness throughout 2020, not just January! Perhaps more importantly, your inner fire is ignited and your soul content.

Here’s how the retreat will work…

Your journey of self discovery begins when you receive and fill in your 2020 Intentions Questionnaire to start to plot out your year. This in itself will encourage you to access what you truly desire for the year ahead, across all areas of your life. It will also allow me to study your needs and tweak the retreat prior to arrival.


FRIDAY 17th January:

Retreat key.jpg

Early arrivals may relax in the beautiful lounge, reserve the sauna* or head out for a walk in the stunning mountains. Alternatively you could book a private coaching session * to get you started, or could head into the vibrant town of Chamonix, just a 10 minute train or car ride away.

And so we begin…

18.45 Let’s get to know one another a little better and catch up with those we may already know over aperitifs and healthy canapés.

We will continue with dinner together as we introduce our first theme,

Relaxing and digesting yin yoga and meditation will complete our evening and set you up for a great night’s sleep.


8.00am Meditation and gentle yet energising yang yoga to set us up for a great day.

Our morning coaching will follow as you sip on your veggie smoothie as you overlook the majestic Mont Blanc.

Throughout the day we’ll take timely pauses to eat a plentiful and healthy breakfast and lunch together, without over indulging.

Retreat Sunrise.jpg

The health element will simply fit into your day so you feel the benefits of healthy habits.

The coaching will be a blend of self-discovery exercises, teachings on success, health and happiness strategies, group coaching and chance for each participant to have their specific questions answered.

14.00pm Optional outdoors activity such as a hike or snowshoe *

Or simply relax and maybe enjoy a power nap or quiet journalling session

16.00pm Back to our beautiful chalet hotel to enjoy a delicious snack as we dive into the final coaching segment

18.30pm Close


Optional aperitifs* / lounge time

19.30 Evening meal to enjoy the company of fabulous women and sound out your discoveries! I’ll be joining you and you’ll be welcome to ask any questions that have come up for you.

Early night or time to relax and chat over tisanes by the cosy fire. I’ll be opting for the early night to be on great form for our final morning together!


8.00 am Sustaining success visualisation & meditation session

Once again we’ll kick off with an energising veggie smoothie as we dive into our coaching together.

We’ll enjoy breakfast together as we wrap up with our final intentions, declarations and mantra’s - whatever is required to launch your fabulous year!

11.00 Check out rooms / Free to explore / Departures


  • x1, Optional 1:1 private session available*



This will be in an intimate and safe setting where you get plenty of personal support, yet alongside you benefit from the group energy.

We'll be digging deep where required to uncover limited beliefs that may have been subconsciously getting in the way of your progress with your health, career or happiness.  The beauty of being coached in a group is that we can so often see in others what we can’t see in ourselves. Hence why the learnings come from not only your own breakthroughs, but by witnessing others experience theirs.

In my experience bringing together the energy of like-minded and highly self-aware people facilitates powerful transformations to accelerate personal growth. Like rocket fuel for your body, mind and soul!

the FOOD

We will not be eating mountain fondue! Sorry if you like fondue…so do I, but my tummy and most other people’s find it a little heavy.

Food will have healthy options, can be gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian as required.


We will also consider the timings of the meals which I find is as important for digestion as the actual food. Overall we’re looking for you to feel healthier, not heavier by the end of the weekend!

This will not be done in a highly restrictive way. Our emotional relationship with food is also a highly important element of healthy eating and I passionately believe it’s best if it’s a joyful one! Hence why you’ll never hear me talk about diet and deprivation methods. In my experience they rarely work longterm, to attain the results you’re looking for. We will be tuning into the psychology of eating and your intuition, to guide you towards any tweaks that might enhance your ideal healthy eating plan, for sustainable results.



Are approximate - except the arrivals and departure time of course. The coaching will follow my intuitive feel for the needs of the group, so we may spend a little more time during one segment, and less on another for example.


Do note some time will be optional (like the afternoon snow shoe walk) so you create the weekend that works best for you with as much rest / activity and socialising as you desire.

The hotel does have a small sauna which can be reserved at a small charge.

There is a private coaching sessions available on Friday that is available on a first come first served basis. This can also be shared with a friend if you have similar themes to work through.

You will be responsible for your hotel booking and travel arrangements.

We all have dreams, desires, just like we did as a child.

Yet as life piles on the responsibilities, we can lose sight of them, and ourselves.

We can be left feeling disconnected, disillusioned and depleted, feeling that this is it.

We’re already so busy accomodating everyone else’s needs, that there simply isn’t time for us to feel fabulous, much of the time.

Or, you’re clear what we want, just that you find it difficult to put your priorities at the top of the list.

Yet you are absolutely NOT the type to sit back, put on weight or let your hormones dictate that it’s all too late!

You desire to THRIVE, in your body, mind and soul.

Life with your desired level of passion, purpose, success, adventure and wellbeing IS totally possible!

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Originally from the UK and now living near Geneva, Switzerland, Sally Dibden is a Life, Health & Success Coach to dynamic achievers around the globe.  She also runs her Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic in France where she lives with her family.  She currently specialises in supporting and empowering busy women, often leaders in their fields (and homes!) to optimise their energy and health, so they can attain their ambitious goals and feel balanced at work, home and play.  

Sally has worked with high achievers for over 20 years and helps them to focus on what really matters to them, hence avoiding burnout and stress related health issues.  She empowers them to identify what they truly desire, so they can lead their most purposeful life with a consistently energised body and focused mind.

Sally is the founder of The Wellbeing Consultants and she is always delighted to connect with you through a private call or e-mail from the link below.

Ready to speed up your personal growth with personalised attention from a highly experienced coach?