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Professional development

Personal, wellness and business mentoring for health conscious professionals


Professional development

Personal, wellness and business mentoring for health conscious professionals


Have you ever taken a protected block of time to truly focus on YOU? 

Your desires, your zone of genius, your purpose, your passions, your health...

Have you ever noticed how extraordinary some people seem to be?

They have exactly the same number of hours in their day, and yet, they seem to accomplish SO MUCH! 

There is a secret.  Invariably these extraordinary people have invested in support.  In a team. In a vision. In their health.  The majority (if not all)  successful, happy people do have their own mentors / coaches and support systems firmly in place, even if they are discreet and don't shout about it from the rooftops. 

You're not a mediocre kind of person. You treasure this experience on earth and want to make the most of every single minute. 

Your body and health is extremely important to you.


physiotherapists, health and wellness professionals, yoga and pilates teachers, personal trainers, teachers & human resources professionals who want to optimise their health, that of those they work with and avoid burnout in a busy world

 Except recently it's maybe not keeping up with your fast paced life. The Human Body truly is incredible.  Our ability to heal, our hormones and integrated systems that keep us running every day.  You know it too deserves and needs your attention.  

The truth is the human body doesn't really know the difference between physical, emotional and mental stress.  So  if we're reliving a stressful event or telling ourselves our worried we are, day in, day out, the body FEELS IT! Our hormones react. And if this continues, we get completely and utterly depleted. 

I passionately believe that if you're serious about success and living your best life, you need to have a deep sense of self-awareness and personal mastery of your unique Body, Mind and Soul. 








When our hormones are balanced, we feel happy, healthy and strong from the inside out.  Our mood is balanced. Our weight ideal.  Our energy high and anxiety levels low.  We're generally tolerant to those around us and we don't struggle with the brain fog or frustration of  having so many amazing ideas, but not enough energy or focus to be able to carry them through! 

We age graciously, are resilient to stress and illness. We repair from injury and illness swiftly should they strike.  The list goes on.  Through this realisation for myself and many of my smart, driven,  female clients, The Bodywise Project was born.

I realised that the 'norm' was nothing like the above.  I was seeing and hearing the women I supported on a daily basis - they were crazy busy, overwhelmed, frequently anxious, low in mood, energy and libido.  They were successful by any 'average' measure, yet they couldn't quite say they were fulfilled or thriving.  They'd collapse, exhausted at the end of the day, barely having had a second for themselves. 


When overwhelmed, overweight or unfulfilled becomes the norm, it's no surprise if we're left feeling dissatisfied or exhausted with certain areas of our life.

At times, life can seem like things suddenly come crashing down upon you, showing up as a health, life or a business crisis.

Even total burn-out, which is not pretty.   

In my 20 years of experience, when we look behind the scenes it's rarely quite so sudden...

  • Are you crazy busy?   You have a to-do list as long as your arm, it’s hard to know where to start some days.  Do you find yourself consistently time-short with a rumbling stress often in the background?

  • Is your not-so-long-ago super-fit body starting to let you down?  Seemingly unrelated challenges such as unwanted weight creeping on, mood swings, low mood, anxiety, PMT, digestive issues, headaches / backache, recurrent injuries or illness.  

  • Do you have to really drag yourself out of bed most mornings or have a huge afternoon slump? You're really tired. And whilst your diet isn't awful, you have to admit you wouldn't get all you needed to get done without fuelling intermittently with caffeine, alcohol or sugar.

  • Is your body confidence dropping? Changes you don't like, such as areas of cellulite or untoned, bloated tummy? You're really not as energetic or as fit as you'd like to be or were not so long ago and you're starting to get concerned you're past your best.

  • Even your relationships with your partner / colleagues or kids are starting to challenge you or are feeling the strain.

Your best self, oozing with self-confidence, is quavering.  

Are you asking for too much?  Shouldn't you be satisfied with what you already have? Ever wonder if you're good enough?   

The inner critic has lots to say these days, so many judgements!!   





I am passionate about helping you optimise your potential and your health.  I feel both are essential ingredients for your happiness and success.

I believe that when we consider our body, mind and life together, as an integrated system, we produce efficient and expansive results throughout every area of our lives.  I support dynamic women who want to lead their lives, their work and the next generation in a certain way.

They want to live life full-on, free, fullfilled, with financial security.  They desire to make a positive contribution to the world and those they influence WITHOUT sacrificing themselves, their health or their relationships. 

Here's the process that kickstarts the journey back to rediscovering the health, vitality and focus you desire...

As my private practice developed, I started to notice that the majority of my time-short, yet highly driven and successful clients, between their thirties and fifties, were struggling with balancing everything and everyone with their own life and needs.  

 I also started to realise that the physical ailments they were presenting with invariably reflected their emotional state.  

I get it.  We live in busy, often stressful times.

However, I've consistently found that when you stop ... long enough to breathe, reconsider, understand and make the changes required to rebalance your hormones, energy and life, you and everyone around you benefits.  

When you're in optimal form: body, mind and soul, you really can be your best at work, home AND play.

ESPECIALLY play, this bit is vital, but so often missing when we're so busy 'doing'. 





Private coaching  is a bespoke and highly personalised process.  However over the years, having coached thousands of driven souls, there are common themes that come through.  Often in the following order:

1.   RESET - The Big Picture

  • Life Reset - Clients often arrive in some form of crisis. Overwhelm, exhaustion, emotional fragility. Often a final challenge or transition has pushed them over the edge and they finally acknowledge that they'd love to feel back in control or on top of their life. They've often lost a sense of self. Therefore the initial step is to set out a plan to get out of crisis and into calm and control.

  • Beliefs and stories reset - any limiting beliefs are explored early on as they will truly sabotage success. We often need to 'put out fires' at this stage which are completely taking over your precious time and attention.

  • Hormone reset - we establish where you're at. Then we begin the initial global adjustments that will make the biggest difference to the stability of your stress, healing and sex hormones.

2.    REFUEL - Getting into detail

  • Optimising Mindset  & Focus- you become what you think!  Need I say more? This bit is arguably THE most important bit of all.  The beliefs are rewired for a success mindset. What is it you truly desire? Fitness? Health? Longevity? Success? Peace of Mind? A Legacy? Once we stop to get uber clarity on where you're heading and why, we can start to map out a plan that are truly aligned with you.  The above intentions are all incredibly different - commencing with passion and purpose allows us to take inspired action from the outset.  These are of absolute paramount importance to your success, health and happiness. 

  • Optimising Nutrition - Refuelling your body and mind with optimal yet practical nutrition is essential.   So many programmes fail because they don't recognise that you and your hormones are a completely unique entity!  You are totally bio individual, which is incredible given there are 7 billion people on the planet right?! This means that the exact requirements for you to feel fabulous are going to vary for your best friend, your sister or your colleagues.  

  • Optimising Exercise  - Recognising what your unique body is yearning for enables you to create a lifestyle to incorporate the exercise that is most joyful to provide this. 

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3.    RECONNECT - Digging deeper

  • Emotional Mastery using the principles of non-violent communication to connect in the way you desire with those you love. Strengthening personal boundaries, relationships and self-love so you feel reconnected and realigned with your deep authentic self.

  • Energy Work to clear any remaining blocks and connect with your incredible intuition. Balancing the yin and yang ie. masculine and feminine energies. Enhancing the masculine structures to support you, yet allowing the feminine creativeness to be expressed.

  • Mindfulness, Meditation and other fabulous tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique can be used or taught and tailored to your specific needs


4. RESULTS - Wrapping up with a plan for sustaining the results you've already achieved and those you desire with your health, life and work. 

& testimonials based on previous participants own words...




  • Increased energy - like a brand new lease on life.

  • Stronger and fitter. Back to a body that works, consistently. Increased understanding of their unique body - improved tone of stomach, increased control of pelvic floor; all contributing to a flatter stomach. Better performance in sporting events with improved endurance or flexibility, resolved and decreased risk of injuries.

  • Improved body confidence, self image and weight loss.

  • Decreased pain - especially back, neck, headaches and those niggly injuries that you thought would never disappear.

  • Decreased or elimination of PMT and other hormone-related symptoms, ie. balanced.

  • Full and restful nights sleep after years of disturbance.

  • Food confidence with much improved knowledge of what to eat for their body's unique needs and optimal performance.


  • Increased resilience - no longer falling ill or injured at the first sign of winter or stress.

  • Decreased anxiety or stress levels.

  • Decreased dependence on medication / comfort or emotional eating / sugar / alcohol / cigarettes.

  • Increased confidence in themselves and easier to make decisions for their body and mind and hence, life.

  • Better connection and more patience with partner / children / colleagues, with an improved ability to tackle challenging situations at work and home.


  • Increased clarity regarding life and desires, in terms of career / family / future and how to live 'on purpose'. A sense of control and relief that their life is 'on track'. The clarity to focus, feel balanced and aligned with what is truly important.

  • A sense of calm and fulfilment; the ability to be present in the now instead of incessant worry over the future or spinning over the past.

  • A much heightened awareness and understanding of how to get the best out of themselves with a strong connection with their intuition

  • Peace from connecting with their authentic self / their higher self (whatever terms work for your personal belief)

  • An acceptance of their place in the world for now, without crushing the desire for more fabulous things to come in the future.

Do you want to know how this all applies to you and your specific circumstances?  Let's talk.




First you choose the size...a 90 minute Skype deep dive or a half or full day location intensive to really delve into several areas of your life. 



Optional extra...


Ever feel how when you head on holiday that you often feel really different once you return home? Ever heard of the environmental cure? 

Prices commence at 750€ for a 3 Hour Intensive.  Further options such as lunch, active activites (eg. hiking, skiing or paddle boarding) or full day intensives can be added. Exact prices on request and dependent on time and location. 

Geneva photo.jpg

GENEVA, Switzerland

The sophisticated vibe of this international city are perfect for an uplevel!  A luxurious venue, alongside the beautiful Lake Leman is exquisite fuel for the body, mind and soul.

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You can't help but feel truly energised in this world re-known active mecca! Chamonix is rather unique in that it truly caters for both high end luxury and chic adventure so if you tend to love both and are craving a fresh aired mountain retreat,  this is the place for you! 


This charming lakeside port has earnt it's title of Flower village of the year for a reason.  It truly is pretty as a picture!  Medievel buildings by a beautiful port, as quaint as they come! 

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Based on the words of previous clients, here's the tranformations you may experience: 



  • this

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  • this

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  • this

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We get to know, love and have a deep connection with the REAL you. 


  • lack of clarity, indecision or anxiety during a challenging transition, specific event or phase of life

  • overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and re-balancing hormones and life for sustained results

  • releasing chronic emotional pain - eg. around the shoulders / back by including forgiving and / or processing to facilitate acceptance 

  • emotional eating and weight fluctuations (gain or change) and releasing chronic addictive habits such as those to sugar, alcohol or coffee

  • releasing chronic physical pain such as persistent headaches, back pain or hormonal related pain and improving resilience to injuries and illness

  • considering how our relationship with money, love or health drives us to weight gain or burnout. 

  • productivity, organisation and setting boundaries to maximise your precious time. 



It is particularly designed for driven women (and really cool chaps!) who desire support and practical tools to keep them happy AND flying high

Not only successful, but happy & healthy too


High vibe

Energy - physical or metaphysical? 

I meet you where you're at. Trained in both Eastern and Western techniques I adapt to the requirements of my clients. 


Add to FAQS

I'm only just 30, will this coaching be of any use to me? I don't know much about my hormones but they seem 'ok'? 

YES! Ideally I would roll out a modified version of this programme to every single person, male or female, from age 11 to 70 (by then I figure you know yourself pretty well!).  So whilst this page has been tailored to the specific needs of 35-55 yr old women, because so often women in this age range find their hormones are quite suddenly in dis-aray.  The reality is the problems started MUCH earlier, but their younger bodies compensated.  The younger you are to receive this wisdom, the better it is!  I use the content with my kids every single day.  Also if you've any intention of having children, it's of high benefit to understand what your hormones are doing.   The benefit of private coaching is that I can tailor the coaching to YOU.   If you're seeking self-awareness, growth, personal development and alongside having awesome health and energy is important to you, then this is probably a great choice for you. 

So is this a weight loss programme? I tried many diets before and whilst they work alittle at first the results don't this any different? 

I have a strong aversion to the word diet, because it immediately implies a temporary change.  It is also wrapped in deprivation.  If you're simply looking for rapid weight loss, albeit with temporary results, this is not for you.  I coach women who want sustainable health and vitality.  They are willing to make lifestyle changes that get them the results they want and invariable don't usually go back to their old ways.




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