Are you a driven woman who would love to be part of a high energy group to take your health, life, energy AND OF COURSE success to the next level? 


A more comprehensive group page is coming soon.  Meanwhile, do pop your name on the waiting list to be the first to be informed once the launch opens in winter 2016.  

The details are being finalised.  Essentially we are looking to test our programme in an online group format and will be looking for a small group of women (around 15-20) for the first beta test group which will run from the Jan 2107 - end March 2017.


The fact is, if we take the time and energy to invest in ourselves we perform better, are happier and can better support those around us.  Don't wait for a crisis to occur to take action. 

I'm fascinated by the science behind how we complex human beings work.  A lifelong learner around personal development, human psychology, anatomy and physiology, I love to bust the myths and explain how to make the most of our awesome selves to achieve optimal levels of health and happiness with sustainable results.  I look at how your thoughts, exercise, nutrition, mindset, emotions and hormones integrate to restore your body and minds' natural equilibrium.  We get you focused and motivated on an informed path.

Being part of a high level mastermind has enormous power.

Being surrounded by a group of other women, committed and invested to becoming their best selves is empowering and inspiring. 

I've done it, twice.  Currently in another high level mastermind myself I'm surrounded by incredible women who inspire me everyday.

Curious?  Pop your name in the box above.  

If you're REALLY keen then shoot me an e-mail to tell me why.   Each woman will be handpicked to ensure we get the best group of awesome women who are committed to developing their physical, emotional and even spiritual mastery.   




1.  I'm not particularly exhausted, my energy is actually quite good.  Will I still benefit from the programme? 

A: Very probably!  I use the term energy to describe your physical, emotional and even spiritual energy.  For example, you might be feeling fine physically which is great.  However, you may feel you get tossed around on a rollercoaster if there are any emotional upsets going on around you.  You know that if you where more resilient to these situations then you wouldn't feel so emotionally drained.   I'm here to help guide you to CONSISTENTLY high energy across the various areas of your life so you can enjoy it, all of it, consistently! 

2. I'm not sure a group environment is right for me...

If you haven't tried it before you may be surprised with the value you can gain from being surrounded by like-minded women who share a common goal.  That said, occasionally you may gain more benefit from a different coaching dynamic like 1:1.  This can be discussed in your discovery call. 

3. What is coaching and do I need it?

My bespoke coaching and consulting programmes use a blend of scientifically proven western methods alongside selected eastern and holistic methods which just make sense given their proven track record.  Being trained in both enables me to give my clients the balanced view they usually require.   I use a very integrated body and mind approach, I passionately believe and have found to be true that the two cannot be separated. 

Coaching is often a 'want' more than a 'need'.  Whilst we 'need' to eat food,  we 'want' to sometimes eat out at a great restaurant for a change in our experiences.  It's not like going to the doctors when you really HAVE to.  It's far more empowering because you CHOOSE to do it, very consciously.  You're choosing to uplevel.   You're choosing to believe in YOURSELF and get the support YOU deserve.  I help my clients attain the results they want in the most rapid timeframe possible.  

Enjoy the energy, health and mindset to achieve the seemingly impossible ... without sacrifice or burnout.