The fact is, if we take the time and energy to invest in ourselves, we perform better, are happier  and can better support those around us.  Don't wait for a crisis to occur to take action. 

I'm fascinated by the science behind how we complex human beings work.  A lifelong learner around personal development, human psychology, anatomy and physiology, I love to bust the myths and explain how to make the most of our awesome selves to achieve optimal levels of health and happiness with sustainable results.  I look at how your thoughts, exercise, nutrition, mindset, emotions and hormones integrate to restore your body and minds' natural equilibrium.  We get you focused and motivated on an informed path.


My bespoke coaching and consulting programmes use a blend of scientifically proven western methods alongside selected eastern and holistic methods which just make sense given their proven track record.  Being trained in both enables me to give my clients the balanced view they usually require.   

Coaching via Skype is available worldwide wherever you have an internet connection and in-person coaching programmes are available in France, England or Switzerland.  

 Do take a look...

Enjoy the energy, health and mindset to achieve the seemingly impossible ... without sacrifice or burnout.



Healthy, happy employees create a High Performing Business.


Informed, happy parents & teachers create the next generation. 

Struggling with chronic pain or injury? 

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