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From Surviving to Thriving, at work, home AND play

With a body, mind and life you LOVE






From Surviving to Thriving, at work, home AND play

With a body, mind and life you LOVE




When you're deeply connected with your body, mind and self, life gets fun again!

Is your body or health on a sharp decline? Superficially you look 'fine' and it appears you're in total control. Yet inside, you're feeling anxious, overweight or older than you'd like to admit.

Would you love to feel consistently focused, strong, and vibrant?  As opposed to riding on an exhausting emotional and physical rollercoaster, ridiculously busy and heading towards burn out.  

Would you love to feel not only successful in your work or life mission, but happy, healthy and fulfilled too?  Without having to feel like you're sacrificing one for the other.

Do you wonder if it is actually possible in this day and age to live consistently in flow across your demanding professional AND home life?  

That this work/life balance idea is an utter myth?!

When overwhelm and consistent stress becomes the norm, it's no surprise if we're left feeling unfulfilled or exhausted with certain areas of our life.

At times, life can seem like things suddenly come crashing down upon you, showing up as a health, life or business crisis.  Even total burn-out which is not pretty.   

However, in my 20 years experience, when we look behind the scenes it's rarely quite so sudden...

  • Do you have a to-do list as long as your arm,  it’s hard to know where to start some days? Do you find yourself consistently time-short with a rumbling stress about work, the kids or your health, pretty much consistently in the background?

  • Is your health or fitness suffering?  Maybe your not-so-long-ago super-fit body is starting to let you down with seemingly unrelated ailments such as headaches, backache, mood swings, PMT, anxiety or recurrent illness or injuries.  

  • Do you have to really drag yourself out of bed most mornings you're so tired?  And whilst your diet isn't awful,  you have to admit you wouldn't get all you needed to get done completed, without fuelling intermittently with caffeine,  alcohol or sugar.
  • Is your body confidence dropping?  Changes you don't like, such as increased weight or an untoned, bloated tummy?  You're really not as energetic or as fit as you'd like to be or were not so long ago and you're starting to get concerned you're past your best.
  • Even your relationships with your partner / colleagues or kids are starting to challenge you or are feeling the strain. 

Your best self, oozing with self-confidence, is quavering.  

You've heard the voice inside ask, are you good enough?  Are you asking for too much? 

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Copy of Be YOUR Best SELF

Unique. Confident. Resilient

Copy of Be YOUR Best SELF

Unique. Confident. Resilient

I am passionate about helping you optimise your potential and your health.  I feel both are essential ingredients for your happiness and success.

I believe that when we consider our body, mind and life together, as an integrated system, we produce efficient and expansive results throughout every area of our lives.

   I support dynamic trailblazing women who want to lead their lives, their work and the next generation in a certain way. 

 They want to live life full-on, free, fulfilled, with financial security.   

They desire to make a positive contribution to the world and those they influence WITHOUT sacrificing themselves, their health and relationships.

So here's the solution I've designed and guided many ambitious women through...




to get you feeling fulfilled, focused and in-flow at work, home and play




We pull out the areas that are the highest priority to get you the results you desire and need.  Each pillar is individually tailored to meet you exactly where you're at and integrates the vital and essential elements of your body, mind and soul.

It is particularly for driven, motivated women who need support and practical tools to keep them happy AND flying high with a strong, energised body and a clear focused mind. 

My unique 3-pillar system encompasses health, happiness and high performance coaching and consulting.  It combines with over 20 years clinical experience as a physical therapist to offer both powerful and transformative results.

Your bespoke programme will be designed to help you achieve the transformation you desire in the shortest amount of time possible.















30 minute complimentary call getting to know you and if private coaching is right for you.  If we both feel it is a 'fit', we will discuss what time-frame is preferable.  I will propose a bespoke offer based on your needs - most commonly a 3 month package.  

The coaching is designed to look at the areas in your life you want to either develop or are causing you stress ie. the primary areas currently affecting or indeed blocking, your health, happiness and success.  


You will be sent a Welcome Pack to dive deep and ascertain where you're at with your mindset, personal and professional goals, health, and happiness.  This process is highly thought-provoking and this is where the experience begins as it starts to clarify which elements would benefit from your attention.  You will start to get really clear on where your current health, happiness and levels of fulfilment are and start to establish your goals as you move forward.


  • First session: A private 90 minute Intensive Coaching / Assessment session via Skype or in person (if local in Messery / Chamonix, France or Geneva).
  • Full assessment and discussion to establish where you are at with your overall level of health, happiness and success in your chosen area of health, life, business.
  • Setting of intentions, goals and desires.


 BASED on 4 MONTH PACKAGE: 8 further 1 hour sessions are scheduled. 

    Calls are usually via Skype, usually every 1-2 weeks.


Weekly topics are completely bespoke to your needs.  

The topics we often cover are: 


PURPOSE & DESIRES: clarifying and aligning your desires, dreams and purpose.   We ensure the fire within you is ignited and on-track so all that you are striving for is in complete alignment with who you really are.  This time spent on guided and focused introspection pays invaluable dividends for your clarity and drive, alongside helping maximise your energy, health and wealth!  

MINDSET: mastering the mindset required for consistent health, wealth and success.  This is arguably the most important part of all. Strength, power, persistence will all be achieved with the right mindset.   Sabotaging limiting beliefs which we are largely unconcious of, often run our lives!  We ensure you are truly empowered with beliefs that serve you so nothing stands in your way.  

PHYSICAL RE-BALANCE: practical and lifestyle tweaks for restoring hormonal balance and energy naturally (with nutrition, exercise and rest essentials) and debunking myths that aren't working for you.  This is ESSENTIAL for women's health.   Recognising what your body needs without having to totally obsess about how to eat and exercise.  This goes beyond the basics to help you master what YOUR unique body thrives on.  No diets, no ridiculous exercise routines, simply discovering the unique route for you to thrive. 

EMOTIONAL RESET: releasing old stories and any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  Restoring peace and balance in stressful relationships or situations.  Helping areas such as communication, challenging relationships, self worth, anxiety and calming the inner critic.  By using and equipping you with the most effective tools (such as mindfulness, body scanning, meditation and the emotional freedom technique, EFT) that fit easily into your daily life, you will not only release and heal beliefs or stories that have been draining you, you will also have long term strategies to deal with emotionally challenging times. 

We get to know, love and have a deep connection with the REAL you. 


  • lack of clarity, indecision or anxiety during a challenging transition, specific event or phase of life
  • overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and re-balancing hormones for sustained results

  • releasing chronic emotional pain - eg. around the shoulders / back by including forgiving and / or processing to facilitate acceptance 

  • emotional eating and weight fluctuations (gain or change) and releasing chronic addictive habits such as those to sugar, alcohol or coffee

  • releasing chronic physical pain such as persistent headaches, back pain or hormonal related pain and improving resilience to injuries and illness

  • considering how our relationship with money, love or health drives us to burnout. 



The final hour-long call aims to wrap-up and help you to make a sustainable plan.



Resources - including tracking sheets, workbooks and training videos 

E-mail access for continued support

Book and App recommendations

Access to our closed Facebook group for inspiration



4 Month Private Coaching

                                                      2 payments options:  payment plan OR a discounted rate for payments in full


Copy of Results






Copy of Results






RESULTS that previous clients have experienced...  


  • Increased energy - like a brand new lease on life.
  • Stronger and fitter.  Back to a body that works, consistently.  Increased understanding of  their unique body - improved tone of stomach, increased control of pelvic floor; all contributing to a flatter stomach.  Better performance in sporting events with improved endurance or flexibility, resolved and decreased risk of injuries.
  • Improved body confidence, self image and weight loss.
  • Decreased pain - especially back, neck, headaches and those niggly injuries that you thought would never disappear.
  • Decreased or elimination of PMT and other hormone-related symptoms, ie. balanced. 
  • Full and restful nights sleep after years of disturbance.
  • Food confidence with much improved knowledge of what to eat for their body's unique needs and optimal performance.


  • Increased resilience - no longer falling ill or injured at the first sign of winter or stress.
  • Decreased anxiety or stress levels.
  • Decreased dependence on medication / comfort or emotional eating / sugar / alcohol / cigarettes.
  • Increased confidence in themselves and easier to make decisions for their body and mind and hence, life.
  • Better connection and more patience with partner / children / colleagues, with an improved ability to tackle challenging situations at work and home. 


  • Increased clarity regarding life and desires, in terms of career / family / future and how to live 'on purpose'.  A sense of control and relief that their life is 'on track'.  The clarity to focus, feel balanced and aligned with what is truly important. 
  • A sense of calm and fulfilment; the ability to be present in the 'now' instead of incessant worry over the future or spinning over the past.
  • A much heightened awareness and understanding of how to get the best out of themselves with a strong connection with their intuition
  • Peace from connecting with their authentic self / their higher self  (whatever terms work for your personal belief)
  • An acceptance of their place in the world for now, without crushing the desire for more fabulous things to come in the future. 

Do you want to know how this all applies to you and your specific circumstances?  Let's talk. 

Here's what a few of my fabulous recent clients had to say...

Thank goodness for Sally's holistic approach, compassionate manner and natural intuitiveness.  I can truthfully say that thanks to Sally's unsurpassable knowledge, skill and intuition, I am in a healthier and happier position than pre-injury.

Nicola Williams, Travel Writer & Mum of 3


I went to see Sally for my migraines, digestion and weight problems.  Sally helped me step by step to bring changes to my diet and lifestyle and I very quickly began to feel lighter, more energised, more positive and happier!  And all this quite effortlessly because the changes Sally suggested are really adapted to me.  Thank you Sally!

Cathy Stalder, Actress and Teacher, Mum of 2


Life changing ... Sally is Gods voice guiding you, mind, body, spirit to the fullness of self and of life and of love. I have been greatly blessed to share and guided.   Thank you thank you thank you!!! 

Chidiogo Akunyili,  Community Lead, Global Shapers, Africa, World Economic Forum, Geneva


Copy of Designed for You






Copy of Designed for You






Many coaching or therapy programmes fail because they miss out on important elements or aren't uniquely designed for YOU.

With a vast amount of clinical experience in the field of integrated health and sport, combined with a high level training in personal development and a success mindset, I know what works and what doesn't.  There will be no time wasted on what isn't necessary for you as we will only include what is highly relevant for your unique self. 


Want to know if I can support YOU? 

Let's talk.  That's the only way of knowing if we're a fit. 

I would LOVE to connect with you personally - do book in here for a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

This program is for you if…

  • You're a driven, committed-to-change kind of person.
  • You're ready to change your life.
  • Are willing to do whatever it takes to get the change you desire.
  • Are prepared for a high-performance tune-up of your life, work, home life and athletic performance.
  • You're ready to get in tune with what your body really needs to start feeling and staying happy, healthy and fulfilled.
  • You're ready to reap the benefits for not only you, but your entire family.
  • You're ready to reduce your stress levels and find the time and energy to do fun things.

This program is not for you if…

  • You're looking for a magic wand and unwilling to put in the work.
  • You don't believe change is possible for you.
  • You aren't coachable; not everyone is ready.

Here's what another of my lovely clients experienced...

My coaching sessions have been extremely helpful.  When I first started seeing Sally I was constantly overwhelmed and exhausted...I was also keen to look at my longer term plan for dieting and Sally set me a very simple plan which changed my mindset about food.  I now feel like I can eat healthily without feeling I am on a diet.  Which makes me feel more positive and more aware of when I can treat myself without the guilt.  Sally has inspired me to do more things for 'me', Thank you Sally! 

Kamelia Mirfa, Ambassador to The Compassion UK Charity,, Mum of 3

Most people say that above all, their priorities are to feel healthy, free and connected with those they love.  They want to feel happy and have a sense of purpose in life.  

However, roles have changed for both men and women over the last few decades.  This brings a wealth of opportunities for us.  Unfortunately, society's expectations haven't changed that much and it can be no easy task to manage the constant juggle and keep everyone happy.   

I call the challenges we face the modern high-achievers syndrome.  The stress, the speed, the expectations and the sub-optimal health and self sacrifice we often succumb too.  They're such common symptoms, they're almost considered the 'norm' these days.

Except they're NOT normal, and there is a solution.

Self Awareness, Resilience and Growth are the keys.

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything"

- Arabic Proverb

If you desire to not only excel, but enjoy consistent success, health and happiness across ALL areas of your life then it's vital to have the right team around you. 

With the right support you really can achieve all you desire, without sacrifice.  You can be and feel even more awesome AND avert major challenges.  

Maybe you've resisted support and your life or health are way off track.  Even on the verge of burn out.  Whichever the case, coaching may just transform your life.

I would love to talk about what's going on for you.  This conversation does not oblige you in any way to follow through with working together.  It is an opportunity to connect, discover if we're a fit to work together and get specific on exactly how I could potentially support you.   

Ready to explore? 

Fabulous, book in here! 


I'm not sure this programme is for me, parts of it speak to me, I don't actually have any current health challenges so I'm not clear if I would benefit?

It's tricky to put into words how a coach can support you. My advice is if you're at all interested then something has connected with you. I see health as the platform from which to live your full life - I use the term health and energy to describe an energetically healthy body, mind and soul. I support my clients with their goals across all areas of life and help to ensure that they'll be happy and healthy when they achieve them, otherwise what's the point? The best way to decide is to connect via e-mail or jump on a call together. That's how we discover what support you're looking for and if we're a good fit.

It sounds great but I'm already exhausted / overwhelmed / busy and don't feel I can cope with anything else...

I hear you! We would start by helping reset your life / health to clear the space for the energy you need to progress forward in the way you desire. I use the term 'energy' to describe your physical, emotional and even spiritual energy. For example, you might be feeling fine physically which is great. However, you may feel you get tossed around on a rollercoaster if there are any emotional upsets going on around you. You know that if you were more resilient to these situations then you wouldn't feel so emotionally drained. I'm here to help guide you to CONSISTENTLY high energy across the various areas of your life so you can enjoy it, all of it.

Don't I need to see the doctor /dietician for special tests first?

Sometimes. We discuss this in your clarity call. Clients who are at the far end of the burn out spectrum often do benefit from testing. However my aim is to also offer my services to those ahead of the game. They know that something needs to change, OR, they just want to get the absolute best out of themselves. So once we've assessed you and your situation we make a decision on where is the best place to start. I can guide your nutritional journey up to a point. I frequently work alongside your doctor and we sometimes bring a nutritionist on board for lab tests. My opinion and experience is that the nutritional route alone can be highly restrictive, expensive and not necessarily sustainable in your lifestyle. This is why I passionately believe that the best SUSTAINABLE and enjoyable results come from integrating your whole life, desires and self. There's a reason my tagline is "Life Unlimited"!

I'm not an 'athlete' so I'm not sure the high performance bit is relevant to me...

Let's see. I've noticed that often my client's have such big desires for their life and their kids lives and that's great! However, if that's to be achieved with sanity then it really helps to be smart and efficient to enable your body and mind to function at it's best. That is high performance to me, being your best consistently. It does NOT mean that you'll then be enrolling to complete a marathon every week (though you might if that's your thing!)

I have to admit I've no idea what 'coaching' really is or if I 'need' it?!

My bespoke coaching and consulting programmes use a blend of scientifically proven western methods alongside selected eastern and holistic methods which just make sense given their proven track record. Being trained in both enables me to give my clients the balanced view they usually require. I use a very integrated body and mind approach, I passionately believe and have found to be true that the two cannot be separated. I can help with any 'healing' which may need to be done AND progress towards the desired outcome - albeit in your life, health or business. Coaching is often a 'want' more than a 'need'. Whilst we 'need' to eat food, we 'want' to sometimes eat out at a great restaurant for a change in our experiences. It's not like going to the doctors when you really feel you have to have reached a crisis point for it to be beneficial. It's empowering because you CHOOSE to do it, very consciously. You're choosing to uplevel. You're choosing to believe in YOURSELF and get the support YOU deserve to be the best you can. I help my clients attain the results they want in the most rapid timeframe possible.

I've worked with a personal trainer /psychologist /diets /coach /doctor and it didn't work for me. How is this different?

We are complex human beings! Our limiting beliefs, thoughts, hormones for example all play a huge role. It's often because a problem has been looked at in isolation that the results are limited. My philosophy is to really understand YOU, what makes your tick, how you love to live. Then we create the lifestyle, body and mindset to achieve that. We look at what IS already working and make that even better. The power comes from integrating and truly understanding your WHOLE SELF, body, mind and soul.

If  you're pretty self aware and know theoretically that you may need support to be your best, but you're independent and like to manage most things yourself then coaching will probably help you enormously as it keeps you in the drivers seat. 

Once empowered by Life Unlimited, my clients benefit from significantly improved health; they feel happier, less overwhelmed, considerably more focused and more fulfilled.  They invest time and energy in themselves and reap the benefits as their relationships improve with not only themselves, but with colleagues, friends, family and even with money!

They are present in the 'now' AND are ready to crack on with their exciting projects for the future.  Work and business opportunities are ignited and expand.  

Passions and desires fuel their soul and they have the health and energy to pursue them. 

It's your time to pursue yours and I'm here to support you to feel the way you want and live the way you truly desire, as QUICKLY as possible!