Specialised Holistic Physiotherapy

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1997 in the UK.  My practice has been primarily musculoskeletal, treating such problems as sports injuries, back and neck pain.  Gradually my work has become more holistic in nature.  These days I find that many of  my non-accidental, musculoskeletal clients have issues ranging from high stress to poor nutrition at the origin of their problems.  My method  is to look at the person as a whole, find the route causes and therefore create long-term solutions.  I'm trained to assess and treat most injuries and pains,  know my limitations and refer elsewhere if that is in your best interests.  

Examples of common conditions treated: 

Neck and Back pain, Sciatica, Knee and Ankle pain, Ligament and Muscle Injuries, Sports injuries, Chronic Pain, Arthritis. 

Associations I am  registered with: Ordre de Kinesitherapie (France), Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK), The Chek Institute Europe. 

Physiotherapy is often reimbursed by your medical insurance.  You usually need a doctor's referral to be reimbursed.  Check with your insurance company as all policies are different. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.  

Prevention is better than the cure....particularly if you love to be active...

Specialised Sports Therapy or Coaching

All sportsmen and women have moments when they're injured or fatigued.  I can intervene either at this stage or preferably before the breaking point!  I endeavor to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current training programme and will accompany you on your journey to optimal health and performance. 

My method is to empower you to understand how your body operates and discover exactly what it needs to perform at it's best.  A bespoke programme can be designed depending on your needs, goals and current levels of support.  If you are injured, you may actually require physiotherapy.  We discuss exactly what is preferable for you and may recommend a combination of both.  We work together to help you perform at your best, encompassing such elements as nutrition, recovery, mind techniques or whatever else is required.  

Do check out my coaching page for an outline of coaching support. 

Tom England, current French National Champion.  Sponsored & treated by the The Wellbeing Consultants over the last 3 years.  

Snowsports & Outdoor Pursuits

Preparation for skiing and snowboarding is a specialised area of mine.  I trained as a Sports Physiotherapist at post graduate level and have spent many seasons in specialist alpine medical centres and physio clinics.  As an ex-competitor in Snowboarding and a dedicated ski fanatic for many years, I understand your passion!  Do contact us if you would like support to attain the level of fitness required to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever your passion may be.