High Performance Coaching to enable those within your organisation to perform at their best.



  1. To provide holistic and personalised support for personnel with leadership roles, to enable your organisation to perform at it's highest level.

  2. To provide quality support for those with challenges to compress the timeline to getting them back on track.

  3. To educate and empower all employees to take personal ownership for their physical and mental wellbeing and personal development.


Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. —Peter Drucker. 


Every business and individual is unique.  We can develop a strategy that is the most efficient for your company. We will liaise to discuss the best ways to help your employees and thus your business as a whole.  Our services can include the following:



Seminars are a highly efficient and cost-effective way of educating and empowering your workforce to take responsibility for their personal development and wellbeing.  They can vary in length: 30 minutes for a lunchtime or a longer 1 hour session if more detail is required.  

Another option is a recorded or live online seminar for your employees so that they can join this in their own time or when it's more convenient. 

My signature seminars and workshops include a blend of performance, productivity and stress management strategies.  The most relevant inter-related topics for your organisation are selected from such tools as: mindfulness, emotional mastery, optimising sleep, nutrition and exercise and pain/crisis management.   The topics are modified and adapted for the specific needs of the audience.  Equally, more focused seminars on 1-3 areas of primary focus can be arranged. 


Coaching support can vary from a short weekly lunch-time session to a half-day intensive, where we have a private 1:1 rendez-vous via Skype (or locally in Geneva, London or Paris).  The timeline is of paramount importance; if individuals can process and deal with concerns in an efficient manner they can be quickly and easily dealt with.  Many corporate clients find that the combination of support I can offer is of such high value because it is often quite unlike the coaching they may have already tried.  Bringing together the body and mind and elements, along with looking at people as a WHOLE is what seems to make the difference. 

When the ethos of looking after ourselves is understood and projected, it is naturally promoted and facilitated from the top down.  That's  a win:win all round.  Everyone benefits and feels healthier, happier and hence more motivated and productive. 


For individuals with specific concerns, life challenges or health needs, we aim to identify the route cause of any issues.  We can then help to develop a strategy which enables individuals to be proactive in their health, happiness and performance.  Should your organisation choose to showcase our services via a complimentary seminar for example, your employees can benefit from preferential rates should they wish to invest privately. 


When time is short and particularly when it can be difficult to find precious time in the day for appointments, support via email or an anonymous group forum can be set up.  In this way the common subjects are covered in a timely, efficient and convenient manner.  Mini-webinars or appointments via Skype are also another option.


A series of workshops can tackle topics in more depth.  Mindfulness is just one of several methods used, which according to many top CEOs, is a must to stay ahead in the 21st century.  Optimising exercise, nutrition and mindset to support our amazing bodies, given our time short constraints are other such topics. These can be in person, or a series of recorded or live on-line seminars with facilities for on-line interaction and questions.


Medium to long-term classes may take over for your employees to maintain the level of health and enthusiasm we achieve.   These are affordable, long-term health promotion strategies.  With an approachable professional at hand weekly, those troublesome health questions can be posed before they get out of hand and sick leave ensues.  

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Sally Dibden has vast experience supporting high performing corporate individuals, sportsmen and women and military personnel over her 25 year career in the health industry.  Since qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1997 in the UK, she has offered support and treatment to thousands of individuals across the globe.  The founder of The Wellbeing Consultants, she works as a High Performance Coach encompassing Life and Health Coaching.  She also runs a  specialised Holistic Physiotherapy and Pilates practice for those with physical challenges. 

Sally is experienced in offering seminars and support to Businesses, Schools, Hospitals and currently the expatriate community around Geneva where she has lived for 11 years.  

You're busy, so we've kept this deliberately brief.  Do browse the website or about page should you wish to know a little more about Sally's work and experience. 



The results achieved from addressing isolated issues such as mindset 'blocks', communication challenges, low mood, exhaustion and injuries can be mediocre at best.  However, the outcome from looking at your lifestyle, performance, mindset and health AS A WHOLE can be truly transformational.

It can also save you and your organisation a whole lot of time, money and energy.

You have an amazingly complex body and mind, comprised of systems which have evolved to integrate to work in perfect harmony. However, this natural equilibrium can become upset.  I am told that one of my best attributes is my ability to listen attentively. This allows me to quickly envision the big picture.  With this understanding, I can quickly help my clients to establish which issue is the key to facilitating the desired change or goal.

Together, we can enable you to not only excel, but also to feel happy pursuing all your goals and desires, be they at work, home or play.



Compared with sick pay and loss of work with the absent or under-performing employee, specialist coaching can be a very worthwhile and empowering option. 

  • Stress is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK (Health and Safety Excecutive, UK)

  • It is estimated that 60 to 85% of visits to the general practionners / family doctors, are for stress related problems

  • Nearly 66% of companies with effective health and productivity programmes believe they perform better than their competitors. (Towers Watson 2011)

  • In a recent survey by Virgin Healthmiles, 77% of employees responded that “health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work.” ( Virgin HealthMiles Inc. and Workforce Management Magazine)

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance warns that managers must 'raise their game' to create happy and healthy workplaces. (BBC)

  • In the UK, almost 31 million days of work were lost in 2013 due to back, neck and muscle problems. (Office for National Statistics (ONS)

  • Over 105 million days are lost to stress each year – costing UK employers £1.24 billion. (Health and Safety Executive, UK)

Current studies that look beyond the data and examine the scope of programmes reveal that the most effective workplace coaching or wellness interventions tend to be more comprehensive and take an holistic approach, while at the same time offering flexible solutions tailored to a company’s specific workforce, often location-specific. 

'A Happy Worker is a Productive Worker' - Marilyn Tam



“My organization held a retreat for the legal team in Yvoire and Sally came to animate a mindfulness session. My team had never practised mindfulness before. Sally was able to create a connection with the group through a  brief introductory exercise allowing everyone to feel confident and at ease. Sally has deep knowledge of peoples’ overall wellbeing and with her intuitive style and holistic approach she knows how to best approach a group and present a new topic or area of work to be explored. For the main part of the session, the group moved outside in the garden and Sally guided us through various mindfulness exercises with her calm and serene style. My team greatly enjoyed the experience and particularly remembered Sally’s soft voice that accompanied the exercises. Thank you Sally for organising this great session including the materials and allowing me to bring mindfulness to my team!”

Liliane von Wyl, Head of Legal & Compliance, International Baccalaureate

“Sally is my my secret success weapon! Running a business is a real challenge, and it was at the point where I felt that it was consuming all of me that I reached out to her. I quickly realised that investing my time and money with Sally was helping me shift my energy and these changes meant that I was starting to balance my time between work and home. I've learned what wellbeing truly is and that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm meditating all day. It's just taking care of myself, so I can pursue my dreams.”

Grant Pierrus, founder and CEO of the award winning blog and marketing agency, The Interior Style Hunter, London


" When I first started seeing Sally I was constantly overwhelmed and exhausted.  We spent time constructing a schedule to include some me time.  Once I realised that I deserved a break too, I felt more rested which in turn allowed me to be more constructive with my time instead of the constant fire fighting.  Thank you Sally! " 

Kamelia Mirfa, Ambassador to The Compassion UK Charity, www.compassionuk.org


" Sally had a transformative influence on my life, encouraging true introspection and inner work to manifest the life that I dream of, and to be at ease with the strength within, not distracted by the noise, that can be so deafening. Sally is Gods voice guiding you: mind, body, spirit to the fullness of self and of life and of love. I have been greatly blessed to share and be guided. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Chidiogo Akunyili, Community Lead, Global Shapers, Africa, World Economic Forum, Geneva

“I think Sally's genius is in her unique ability to impart concrete information paired with her uncanny ability to get to the root of a problem in minutes. She offers both concrete suggestions and the opportunity to delve deeper into root causes. She also combines professionalism with a gentle empathetic touch. Sally really cares about the personal growth of her coachees, and this goes a long way to embed her wise teachings. What I gained was a more diligent attitude to quarterly and daily goal setting, time management at work and at home, and an affirmation of the power of body work to connect with the subconscious. Above all I felt a great sense of purpose and a bounce in my step...”

Dr Tanya Murphy, Founder of www.zoetrust.org, Nyon, Switzerland

" I went to see Sally for my migraines, digestion and weight problems.  Sally helped me step-by-step to bring changes to my diet and lifestyle and I very quickly began to feel lighter, more energized, more positive and happier!  And all this quite effortlessly because the changes Sally suggested are really adapted to me.  Thank you Sally! " 

Cathy Stalder, Actress and Teacher, Geneva


" Sally has utilised the breadth of her experience very well in the military setting, where standards are very demanding due to the huge occupational focus on early return to work.  I am sure that she will utilise her excellent interpersonal and clinical skills to excellent effect in the future. " 

Doctor Snedon, Senior Medical Officer, Royal Airforce RAF Cranwell, England

This is really to say a MASSIVE thank you for helping me get my body back on track in time for the Pass Portes du Soleil this weekend. Despite being over 6 and half hours in the saddle , I am thrilled to say I had no back pains the next day (legs yes, but remarkably no sacrum/coccyx issues what so ever)

In addition, I am feeling really great about my body and getting into my bikini next week when we are finally all on holiday. I’m putting this down to the 10mins pilates every evening, which as a result I’m going to keep going with. Never the less I look forward to hearing more about your webinar….Many thanks!

Dani Boiston, The World Economic Forum, Mum of 2,  Geneva 

Do see here for many more testimonials


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  You are very important to us.    

 To fully understand your company's unique situation we would be delighted to liaise with you, preferably in a meeting or phone call to discuss how we can be of service.

Please reply via e-mail to: sally@thewellbeingconsultants.com to arrange this or to answer any queries you may have.