How we define success matters rather a lot before we plan out our week.  Does your definition involve pure professional / business or financial success? Or does it involve a WHOLE lot more.

Such as: 

- how you want to feel on an everyday basis

- how much time you want to be available for your children and loved ones and what state you’re in when you’re with them

- having time and energy to do the things you love doing, purely for pleasure

- a deep sense of fulfillment that what you’re doing matters or is aligned with who you are and your values

-your physical and mental health

Success Lin.png

Most would say of course success involves many of the above. Yet our actions create our reality and hence if our action plan is geared heavily towards a goal we don't actually want to create, we get off track rather considerably. 

So what does success really look and feel like to you? 

If we’re to get to the end of our week, year and indeed life with a sense of completeness or satisfaction, answering these questions will be well worth your time.


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