Despite the whirlwind which is December for many of the busy achievers I work with, these last 2 few weeks have seen us Review, Reflect and Release upon all that has been 2018. To clear the way for a sense of satisfaction and peace over the holiday period. To start to clear the headspace to welcome in the new ideas and energy of the New Year just around the corner. 

So how has 2018 worked out for you?

Have you accomplished what you set out to at the beginning of the year? If you haven't yet had 5 minutes to spare to consider this question, I'd strongly recommend you find it. Infact an hour would be even better!

I believe this is an ESSENTIAL process whoever you are and whatever you do. I call it a Review, Reflect and Release (RRR) process. A process to help recognise and celebrate what’s worked, and to consciously leave behind any of the undesirable energy and baggage.

You may find that you’re great at doing this systematically in some areas of your life, say in your business or with your kids. However invariably the process highlights some scope to release in other areas.

Our tendencies can be to repeat our patterns year after year. We carry the weight of unnecessary loads that weigh us down and hold us back from reaching our full potential and feeling great along the way. In an era when we’re forever time short and over stressed, carrying this unnecessary burden is both unnecessary and inefficient.

Here’s a simple version of the Review, Reflect and Release process to set yourself up to consistently succeed and balance all the important areas of your life.

Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper and follow these prompts:

  • On a blank piece of paper, draw a line in middle to divide vertically into 2. 

  • Label the left positive and the right negative. 

  • Write the months down the left. 

  • Fill in the highlights on both sides so you have a snapshot of the year including all the area’s that are important to you: eg. business, health, relationships, finances, professional development, kids, travel, adventures, personal growth.

An alternative way you can do this, or even combine the two methods…flip through your diary / journal for the year and consider: 

  • What are the 10 highlights of the year?

  • Do you notice any positive patterns that help helped you succeed or feel the way you desire?

  • Do you notice any negative patterns that have held you back or got in your way?

  • Are there any experiences / feelings you need to release for this year?

Do share any reflections or particularly any areas that need RELEASING in our free private members group The Wellbeing Forum as I can help get you started with that.

I did a review process with our masterminders over the last couple of weeks and their personal accomplishments blew me away. Here's just a few of their comments...

  • I actually feel balanced, I've rediscovered me! 

  •  The rollercoaster of emotions pre-menstrually has calmed - the headaches gone

  • I can accept tricky situations and deal with the emotions with much more ease 

  • I no longer need my anti-anxiety medication!

  • I lost 8 kilos. But it's more than that..I buy clothes that fit me, not ones that 'nearly' fit and are still in the wardrobe with the labels on.

  • I actually now really love ME. I actually recognise that I really am amazing AND I'm ready to meet my soul mate.

  • I feel so confident in my work and speak up when required. The constant and exhausting self doubt and sabotage are so much reduced. 

Priceless don't you think?

In my personal and professional experience, we're often held back back from being our best and most vibrant selves by things we don't even realise.

It's just one reason (amongst many) why New Year's Resolutions don't work particularly well. 

We plough into a New Year without having appreciated just how far we've come in the last one. Such is the nature of our fast paced lives. At times there are areas to release and leave behind. Other areas that have worked out so well that we need to recognise exactly what we did so we can keep on doing it! And then there are our favourite and cherished memories that we want to imprint in our hearts and hold there forever. 

It’s natural to want to rush ahead towards the new energy of the new year. It’s hopeful, exciting. It can feel uncomfortable to visit certain areas, particularly when they feel like failures that we’d rather forget. It often actually is easier to stay busy, to avoid the pain. Yet there are so many gifts in simply being present with what is and learning the tools to reach a point of acceptance or change what you’d prefer to change.

I do assure you, that if you take some time to wrap up and FINNISH this year well, it will help launch next year off to a far more grounded, solid start. It could make your entire year so much easier! THEN you'll be all set to dream big and map out all your hopes and desires for the new year ahead. There’s still time for that. Which I'll talk about more in my next blog so look out for that very soon!

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