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Hi there! 

I do hope you enjoy the selection of free resources I’ve gathered over my 20 years experience working with achievers who want to stay on great form to accomplish their ambitious goals.

My passion and mission is to support you to be the happiest, healthiest, most successful version of YOU!

- Sally Dibden, Transformational Health and Success Coach, Physical Therapist & Pilates Instructor

THE WELLBEING FORUM - Advent of Self-Love Week 20th December 2018

Ladies, do join our hub of high vibe and driven women in our private Facebook Group, The Wellbeing Forum to increase your energy: body, mind and soul. December will see us discussing both the Thrive 365 Masterclass and An Advent of Selflove  - both designed to help get you set for a healthy, happy, calm Christmas and 2019! These services are for the private members and are totally free of charge. Do join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/452518758233155/

Chaps, you're better off checking out our facebook page here:  Facebook page where we post more gender neutral articles and inspirations.

THE BLOG - The more recent blogs here were also published in The Huffington Post & Thrive Global


Do pop over and say hello on any of our social media below, or reach out personally by e-mail to: sally@thewellbeingconsultants.com

In my extensive experience, I know that once achievers have their energy, mindset and hormones in optimal form, they feel happier, healthier and more grounded. This frees up the clarity and physical and emotional strength to do and BE, all you desire as a dynamic parent, driven entreprenneur or professional, WITHOUT burning out.

My team and I aim to bring together scientific research and over 20 years experience in Eastern and Western medicine approaches, psychology and personal development to enable you to thrive across all areas of your life.  As an experienced health and life coach and physical therapist, specialising in the body:mind connection, the information is holistic in nature.


INSTAGRAM: Do pop over and say hello! I’m @sally_thewellbeingconsultant